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Getting Audio from Video Files

This can either be really easy or slightly tricky depending on what your source file is.

Let's go!

1) Getting audio from most video files using VirtualDub

If you have an avi or mpg file, try loading it into VirtualDub.

If it doesn't work, or if you have some other type of video such as an mkv or mp4, then you simply need to first load the file through AviSynth using the DirectShowSource() command, and then open this AVS file in VirtualDub.

Go to 'Audio' and select 'Full Processing Mode'

Go to the File menu and choose Save WAV to save the audio as an uncompressed wav file.

With any luck you should have your audio.


2) Getting audio from locked video codecs such as RealMovie

Basically, with any locked codec you are going to have to do it the hard way and sample the audio directly. See the last part of the Using Downloaded Audio guide for a solution to extracting audio from locked sources.

AbsoluteDestiny & Zarxrax - August 2008