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Using DVDs for audio

It is possible that you might want to extract audio from a DVD - say a song from a musical or the audio track from a movie trailer. What you will need to do is extract the audio and convert it to WAV for editing.

Right, for this you will either need the AMVapp or the following programs.

DVDFab HD Decrypter (or any DVD ripping program)

Ripping the Audio from the DVD

If you have no experience with DVD ripping the you should probably go and read the dvd ripping part of the guide here. What you might want to do is rip only the chapter of the dvd that contains the audio that you want. This will save you some unnecessary audio editing later.

Once you have ripped the vob that contains your audio, you need to load it into DGIndex.

Extracting the audio from the VOB file

In the menu, choose the Audio -> Output Method -> Decode AC3 Track to WAV.

Press F5 and you will get a bunch of information, and at the bottom you will see something that looks a little like this:

DGIndex Audio PreviewIn the Audio box, it will list all of the audio tracks that were found in the VOB file. If you see more than one, you may need to try each one in order to find the one you want.

What you will need to do next is go back to the Audio menu, and choose Select Track(s). In the box that pops up, you need to type in the ID number for the audio track you want to get. In the image to the left here, you see that it says

80: AC3 2/0 192

The number 80 here is that audio tracks ID number. So in order to get this audio track, I would put 80 in the box.

Once you have the audio stream you need, choose the File menu and Save Project and you will create both a project file (.d2v) and a WAV file.

Once the processing has completed you should have a wav audio file ready to be edited with.

AbsoluteDestiny & Zarxrax - May 2009