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Using CDs for your audio

This page used to be fairly long and complicated, but I don't roll like that. Ripping audio from a CD is very easy, so I'll make this quick. You need one thing:

Exact Audio Copy

This ISN'T included in the AMVapp, so you should download and install it on your own.


EAC is probably the best cd audio ripper available, and it's totally free, but it also unfortunately tries to push crap on you. At the time of this writing, here is what the installer looks like:

Exact Audio Copy installer

You see that last checkbox on the bottom, the one that says eBay Icon? Well, uncheck that junk!

Technically, the very first checkbox is the only one that you really need, so you can safely uncheck all those others as well, if you really want to. CDRDAO, FLAC, and AccurateRip might be useful to you though, so it's up to you if you want them installed. I don't install them, though.

Now, once you get Exact Audio Copy installed, ripping your CD is very simple. Just launch the program, and then insert your CD. You should see a list of all tracks on the CD appear on the screen. You can play each track to find the one you want to rip. Once you've found the one you want, then just click on that track to select it, and then press the big button on the left side of the program that says "WAV". Then just tell it which folder to save the file to, and you're done!

Exact Audio Copy

There we go, a nice, big, uncompressed WAV of your audio source, ready for editing!