Setting up Windows Movie Maker 2

This is probably going to be the shortest page in the whole guide.

See, Windows Movie Maker requires zero preparation... mostly. There are some quirks which mean that your input files should try and confirm as much as possible to the following in order to get the best quality:

1) Make all your footage fit within a square pixel 4:3 frame (such as 640x480 for NTSC). This includes 16:9 footage which should be letterboxed.

2) Make all your footage 29.97fps if you can, it will be less problematic. (I know, that sounds vague but wmm2 is very vague).

Remember that Windows Movie Maker uses Direct Show to process footage. This means that if you happen to be using the DivX decoder, you may get a divx logo in the corner unless you turn this option off in the DivX decoder settings. Not that you should be using divx footage for a video but I've seen it way too many times online and at conventions and it's just unnecessary.

Oh and there are some options:

WMM - Tools - GeneralSave Auto Recover info - that's a useful setting. The default is fine but if you want to make it smaller then that would work too,

You may find that the Download Codecs Automatically thing doesn't work as well as you'd like if you are using divx and things like that. Well, a) you shouldn't be using that sort of footage to editing your video - divx sources (and similar) can only be easily edited on keyframes which limits the things you can do with them b) Microsoft doesn't like downloading codecs of major competitors.

That's about all for this particular menu.

WMM- Tools - Advanced
Ooooh check out the advancedness.

Yeah you get so many options here it's just dazzling.

Uh.. yeah. Change the Video properties if you need to and the default durations if you are feeling frisky. Otherwise the default settings are fine. The 16:9 option isn't a great deal of use if you are exporting DV.

That's about it from WMM... You will, however, want to check back for the exporting guide which will be more useful, I hope.