What Format Does The Convention Want?

Read the rules

When submitting a video to a convention, one must be very careful to read the entry rules so that you are submitting in a format that they will accept. It is very important to follow these rules.

Follow these simple rules of thumb when deciding how to submit.

1) If they specify a preferred format make sure your video is that preferred format.

2) If they do not specify a preferred format and instead accept a wide range of formats then submit using the highest quality format they allow. If they allow a lossless format like HuffYUV then send them a HuffYUV master on a DVD-R or, if they allow it, split across several CD-Rs. This is especially important if they are going to be re-encoding everything they receive anyway so that as little quality is lossed as possible.

3) If they ask for MPEG-2, make it DVD compatible unless they tell you otherwise. This is important in case they