Chapter 3 - Sourcing your Audio

Soooooo… where do you get your music from then?

Basically, for making your music video you are going to have to convert whatever source you have for the music into an uncompressed PCM wav file. Never directly use compressed audio for editing as video editing programs don't like compressed files. You have to convert your audio to uncompressed wav, no matter what ^_^

Also, to be honest, if you can get a CD version of your song please do. Don't use a downloaded mp3 unless it is absolutely necessary as your audio quality will suffer through re-encoding. It's just as bad as using divxes as a video source. Buy CDs, ok?

Already got your wav? See below for some final preparation tips.

This section will go through the various ways of doing this ready for making your music video. As there are lots of different places you can get your audio from, this chapter is separated into sections for each possible source.

All of the guides may potentially contain information that is useful to you but you will more than likely just want to choose whichever source you will be using.

I will try to keep this guide updated with the best current methods of doing each source type so you might want to return to this guide every time you start a new project ^_^

a) CDs [very good quality, pretty easy]
b) DVDs [superb quality, fiddly]
c) Internet Audio - MP3s, Ogg Vorbis, MP3pro, Windows Media Audio, Real Audio etc. [low to good quality, sometimes easy ^_^]
d) Taking audio from a video source [variable quality, can be easy, can be fiddly ^_^]
  Audio Preparation:
a) Preparing your sources for 24fps Editing in Premiere
b) Normalising, boosting and resampling your audio.

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