2010 VCAs - Announcements, Schedule of Events, and Feedback

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Re: 2010 VCAs - Announcements, Schedule of Events, and Feedback

Post by Panky » Mon Feb 08, 2010 2:59 pm

mirkosp wrote:
Panky wrote:
godix wrote:Feedbacks

I didn't realize there was a requirement to make a video to be eligible for most helpful. That's rather retarded. To keep it from being every user in the database, perhaps just limit it to people who have actually logged into the forums within a year? After all, realistically speaking, how many people are there who would deserve a vote from being Most Helpful if they haven't logged into the forums even once that year? Assuming, of course, that an org run contest means it's categories have an unspoken 'on the org' implication. Although I prefer this idea actually: the finals for Most Helpful should just have me in it and no one else.
Agree, maybe combine it with the user search by name, that way you could search for the user you want to nominate without going through a list of 500k or whatever amount of users. And if there are more specific conditions to be met, use the other way.
Ever tried Ctrl+F in your browser of choice? :P
Haha, tons of times. But I meant in the way that they said they did display 10k out of 500k-800k to avoid having a large amount of useless people that could get nominated, having to query all of them in the DB bringing more useless load, and if not using the control+f, an easier and quicker way to do it :P
If it were to display 800k users, it could even lag the browser like the studio list does sometimes.

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Re: 2010 VCAs - Announcements, Schedule of Events, and Feedback

Post by Haunter103 » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:40 pm

godix wrote:...
Kill Best Lip-sync OR add 'Best Shatter', 'Best Star Wipe', 'Best Riot Gear', 'Best Cutout', etc. It's rather moronic to have an award for a single type of effect, especially since there is already an award for Best Effects anyway.
oooh, yeah... I'm going to have to sort of disagree with you there... And if you could go ahead and not denounce the lip-sync category again... that'd be greeeeat.
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