Youmacon 2k7 AMV Contest Winners

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Youmacon 2k7 AMV Contest Winners

Post by ngsilver » Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:15 pm

Listed: Creator/Studio - Video Title - Source

Best Drama:
Anamorphic Prod. - About a Girl - Paprika

Best Action:
Samurai Jake - Die Hard - Cowboy Bebop

Best Upbeat:
Lone Monkey Productions - Always Midori - Midori Days

Best Romance:
Aerialesque (VNS) - Efflorescent Dawn - Various

Best Comedy:
Samurai Jake - Full Metal Bebop - Cowboy Bebop

Best Staff:
Spatula Castle - Go Back to Sleep - Fatal Frame

Fan Favorite:
Weishan Chin - Why the World Hasn't Ended Yet - X/1999

Best of Show:
TCNDP - Maybe There's Something Wrong With That - Various

Staff Pick:
Otoko Studios - A Dark Requiem - Chrno Crusade

Most Origional:
Honou Productions - Interpersonal Comm. – Nanoha StrickerS

Best Technical:
Aerialesque (VNS) - Efflorescent Dawn - Various

Judges Awards: (honorable mentions)

Melichan923 – This Award with be the Death of Me

Justin Parker – Hot Chicks and Magic Swords

Aerialesque (VNS) – Warm Fuzzies

Anamorphic Productions – Good Thing I took My Meds!


Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to everyone who submitted a video, it is all of you that keep this contest going. We a working to improve the contest for next year and hope to see you all again for another great contest.

We will be shipping out awards within the next month or so. We will ship the awards to the address listed on your entry form. If you need to update this please shoot me an email at as soon as possible. Also, anyone who has won the best of show in previous years, if you do not have your award shoot me an email as well with your contact information and I will get your award(s) out to you.

It's been asked multiple times already, so I'm going to answer it here. It is up the the creators to distribute their videos. Do not ask us to upload or provide links to videos in the contest.

Again thanks for another wonderful year.
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Re: Youmacon 2k7 AMV Contest Winners

Post by Reigna » Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:23 pm

ngsilver wrote:Best Romance:
Aerialesque (VNS) - Efflorescent Dawn - Various

Best Technical:
Aerialesque (VNS) - Efflorescent Dawn - Various

Aerialesque (VNS) – Warm Fuzzies
wut a beish.

Congrats Dustiiiii. :)

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