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Anime Evolution AMV Contest Finalists!

Post by Vlad G Pohnert » Tue Aug 07, 2007 4:24 pm

And now the announcement the whole world has been waiting for! (Well, ok, maybe a tiny little part of it)...

Enclosed is the list of finalists for the AMV Contest. The contest takes place on Saturday at 4:30 pm. If anyone has not contacted me about reserve seating yet and will be there, please do so as we expect a maximum cap crowed.

This year was especially difficult. With 83 entries, the judges had a tough time with what video made the finals or not as there were a lot of great videos and we have to keep the contest to two hours. However, we will be showing al the entries in the AMV room on Sunday. In the past this has been heavily attended and with a capacity of 525 in that room, you’ll be sure that a big crowed sees your video one way or another!

I want to thank everyone who entered because without all you creators making the awesome stuff you do and all the hard work, there would be neither a contest nor a dedicated AMV room for me to run. As a fellow AMV creator I enjoyed watching every single entry.

Also, since this year is the fifth anniversary of the AMV contest at Anime Evolution, we will be having a special showing of all the winners from the past four years complete with introductions and title cards! If your coming to the event that will be taking place on Friday night in the AMV room!


Vlad G Pohnert
Anime Evolution 2007 AMV Room Coordinator

Contest Finalists:

Bakadeshi (AuN Studios) --> Super Cute Girls
Chiikaboom (Reversed Studios) --> Torment My Existance
Chiikaboom (Reversed Studios) --> When Winter Descends
CorpseGoddess --> The Good, the Bad and the Busty
Devil Shin --> Curse Between Us
Doki Doki Productions --> Another Crappy Video
Dragon/Roy --> I'll Never Forget You
Epical Studios --> Dream Of The Fayth
Honou Productions --> A Kanon Carol
Honou Productions --> Designs by Daidouji
Inverse (Reversed Studios) --> Beyond
Itachi_Demon-AMV AKATSUKI --> Holdin ColorZ
jade_eyed_angel --> Satellite
jade_eyed_angel --> Shards of Faith
Koopiskeva (Random Destination Studios) --> Skittles
Kotori --> Project LAIN
Nessephanie/Random Destination Studios --> Sunrise
Phantasmagoriat Productions --> Awakened
Phantasmagoriat Productions --> Shout!
ProphetDK --> Just a Dream
ProphetDK --> Omen:Sin
Purplepolecat --> Live and Let Die
Rory Mahood --> The Fear Inside Me
Shane Ho --> 3
Shazzy (Ishtori Productions) --> Eyes Shut Wide
Sierra Lorna (Premonition Studios) --> Broken
Studio Hybrid --> Code Monkey
Taifunbrowser (Storm Productions) --> Kimi Wa Suteki (You are Wonderful!)
Tsunami Jones --> Stir Fry
Tyler --> Lollipop
WC Annihilus --> Season’s Solace
Yusf --> Center Forward


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