Anime North 2007 MVC Results

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Anime North 2007 MVC Results

Post by Kieop » Wed May 30, 2007 1:41 pm


The Silver Medal for overall merit goes to Miles Klub for Uryuu, the Guy From Quincy.

Miles has revisited a previous work from his Arrogant Anthology in order to explore the Uryuu character in more depth -- with very pleasing results.

The Gold Medal for first runner-up in the Novice Category goes to Roy Bann for Unrequited.

This creative video tells the tragic yuri love story of one woman’s obsession for another who doesn’t return her affections. This is achieved through the skillful interweaving of two completely unrelated series (Evangelion and Bubblegum Crisis).

The Gold Medal for first runner-up in the Momiji’s Challenge goes to Michael Martignetti for Big Poppa.

This video uses a modern cover of what was originally a Biggie Smalls hiphop track set against the libidinous escapades of the Private Investigator/Bodyguard City Hunter to imaginatively capture the romantic decadence of the 80s.


The winner of the Momiji’s Challenge for best video using source footage from before 1990 is Eye of the Dragon by Miles Klub.

Using music from the Team America World Police soundtrack, this is a gentle parody of the montage sequences of 80s films and of Dragonball AMVs in general. The judges appreciated its sturdy editing and sense of fun.

The winner of the Newbie Award for best Novice Video is Two Lost Maidens by Nicolas Juzda.

The pairing of an obscure recording from the 1955 Broadway soundtrack of Damn Yankees with the AMV standard assassin series Noir is the highlight of this video. It depicts a relationship that is bound by mutual isolation. The judges admired the juxtaposition of light and dark elements in both the music and the footage.

The Momiji no Video Award goes to the Anime Music Video that the judges liked the best, regardless of other criteria. The winner is The Chronicles of Ghibli by Vlad Pohnert.

The judges loved this parody of the The Chronicles of Narnia trailer. It skillfully parallels that trailer in every way. One would almost wish that Ghibli would make this film.

The winner of the Northern Lights Award for Best in Show is Shonen Libido: AMV Dust: Don’t Breathe This by Todd Serge.

This video portrays Hideki’s sad lonely pathetic life -- of frustration. It scored well in all criteria, achieving the highest overall objective marks.

Criterion Awards

The Criterion Award for Editing goes to Anime Party Revolution by Sylvester Ng.

A frenzied parody of the opening to the series Comic Party Revolution, it impressed the judges with its skillful use of intercutting and special effects.

The Criterion Award for Cinematography goes to Andre Marentette for The Last Conquest.

A lush visual experience, this video brings us into the world of Final Fantasy XII and breathes real life into its characters and settings.

The Criterion Award for Creativity goes to Tim Park for Another Crappy Video.

This PSA encourages everyone to do their duty and seek medical attention in a fun humourous way. Judges were impressed by the range of source material used and the display of skillful lip-synching.

The Criterion Award for Artistic Vision goes to Travis Kuhn for The End is Near.

This video wistfully expresses Earth Girl Arjuna’s theme of environmental awareness. The song complements the images to powerfully support this theme.


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