Condor XIV AMV contestants and winners.

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Condor XIV AMV contestants and winners.

Post by toddashi » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:22 am

Category: Drama with Guns

Creator: KitsuneTaro
Title: GunGrave Rockin' Requiem
Anime: GunGrave
Music: Helena By: My Chemical Romance

Creator: Etienne Pouliot
Title: A Cowboy Story (*winner*)
Anime: Cowboy Bebop the Movie
Music: See Right Through Me By: Mobile ... p?v=136760

Creator: EMA5
Title: The Heat of revenge
Anime: GunGrave
Music: Randy Orton's Theme By: WWE ... p?v=135269

Category: Drama

Creator: Helix
Title: Legacy of Bardok
Anime: Dragonball Z Movie Special
Music: It's Been A While By: Staind ... p?v=126610

Creator: ScorpionP
Title: The Battle of Heroic Souls (*winner)
Anime: Fate/stay night (TV)
Music: We Are By: Ana Johnson ... p?v=136620

Creator: Heartofdreams
Title: Galerians: Rion "Breathe into me"
Anime: Galerians Rion
Music: Breathe Into Me By: Red ... p?v=138814

Creator: KyaniteD
Title: Lucifer's Angels
Anime: Silent Mobius
Music: Lucifer's Angel By: The Rasmus ... p?v=119511

Creator: Echo
Title: Chihiro's Road
Anime: Spirited Away
Music: Walking Man's Road (Last Unicorn OST) By: America ... p?v=106669

Category: Romance

Creator: KyaniteD
Title: I Could Never Give You Up (*winner*)
Anime: Mai Hime & Mai Otome
Music: (I Could Never) Give You Up By: Roxette ... p?v=128636

Creator: Chibi Chobi
Title: Serenade
Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle
Music: Serenade By: Kanon

Creator: Echo
Title: Crystal Memory
Anime: Sailor Moon
Music: So Long Ago, So Clear By: Vangelis ... p?v=106468

Category: Action

Creator: Kristine Kallies
Title: Not Gonna Get Us
Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle
Music: Not Gonna Get Us By: t.A.T.u ... p?v=136780

Creator: Devil Shin
Title: Devils Never Cry
Anime: Bastard!
Music: Devils Never Cry By: David Baker & Shawn McPherson ... p?v=131669

Creator: LynxGriffin
Title: Kingdom for a Heart
Anime: Kingdom Hearts 2
Music: Kingdom for a Heart By: Sonata Arctica

Creator: Kristine Kallies
Title: A Song of Storm and Fire
Anime: Tsubasa Chronicle
Music: A Song of Storm and Fire By: Yuki Kajiura ... p?v=136694

Creator: Yusf
Title: Heart's Cry (*winner*)
Anime: King Of Fighters: Another Day
Music: Regret By: Daiki Kasho ... p?v=129007

Category: Fun

Creator: ScorpionP
Title: Keep the Beat Up!
Anime: Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu
Music: We Will Rock You By: Five ... p?v=137999

Creator: Phantasmagoriat
Title: Don't Blink Astro
Anime: Astroboy
Music: Bionic Electronica OC remix By: Big Giant Circles ... p?v=136371

Creator: H-chan
Title: Paranoia (*winner*)
Anime: Death Note
Music: Somebody's Watching Me By: Rockwell (featuring Michael Jackson) ... p?v=137814

This last video picked up not only Best Fun, but also Best Local and Best in Show.

We accepted AMVs from around the world. Chihiro's Road and Crystal Memory were also eligible to compete in the local category, for actually showing up in San Diego.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, and hope to do it again next year!


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