JAFAX 11 (2006) AMV Contest results.

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JAFAX 11 (2006) AMV Contest results.

Post by Coderjo » Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:29 pm

This is a recap of the AMV Contest at JAFAX 11, which was held this past weekend at Grand Valley State University, Allendale campus, in Allendale, MI. This is probably the closest thing to an official results post the site will ever see, since I'm pretty sure the organizer doesn't come to the site.

Basically, the JAFAX contest organizer screens all of the entries and picks 10 to show in the contest showing. Then the audience watches those 10 and vote on a paper ballot, and the results are tallied and presented at closing ceremonies. As I wasn't involved in running the contest, I can't say who the creators were on any videos other than the three that won.

Anyway, here are the videos from the ballot. I'll type these directly as they are worded on the ballot, although I'm going to leave off the line for voting.

1. Song submitted is Inspector Gadget Theme set to anime of Lupin the 3rd; the music is by studio artists.

2. Song submitted is Youth of the Nation set to anime of Psychic Academy; the music is by POD.

3. Song submitted is Right Before Your Eyes set to anime of RahXephon; the music is by Hoobastank.

4. Song submitted is Gilligan's Island Theme set to anime of Outlaw Star; the music is by studio artists.

5. Song submitted is In the End set to anime of Sonic: The Hedgehog - The Movie; the music is by Linkin' Park.

6. Song submitted is Boom set to the anime Trigun; the music is by POD, remixed by Crystal Method.

7. Song Submitted is And The Hero Will Drown set to anime of RahXephon; the music is by Story of the Year.

8. Song submitted is All We Wanna Do set to anime of Inuyasha and One Piece; the music is by Johto and John Loeffler.

9. Song submitted is Hero (Red Pill Mix) set to anime of Neon Genesis Evangelion; the music is by Superchick.

10. Song submitted is Bring Me to Life set to anime of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue; the music is by Evanescence.

They wound up showing part of the contest twice, because the first time had no audio. Apparently, the audio jacks on the wall were not connected to the room's sound system, so they wound up scrambling for speakers. After that, they had audio, but it was pretty quiet, and would occasionally get louder and softer for no good reason. The video quality was pretty bad, and when I helped to collect the ballots, I saw some that said things like "Learn to use DVDs" and such. The quality of the video, and probably audio, was affected by the fact that the contest only accepts entries on VHS, and dubs from tape to tape to make the contest tape, which is also VHS.

Anyway, the winners:
3rd place: NeoMikey with Hero (Red Pill Mix) by Superchick to Evangelion.
2nd place: NeoMikey with Boom by POD to Trigun.
1st place: Ken Cruise (sp?) with Gilligan's Island Theme to Outlaw Star. (Ken doesn't distribute his videos.)


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