Colossalcon 2006 AMV Contest Finalists

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Colossalcon 2006 AMV Contest Finalists

Post by ngsilver » Thu Jun 01, 2006 2:20 am

Here is the list of the finalists for Colossalcon's AMV Contest. The following videos will compete at con in the following categories:

1. Lil' Yakka Productions - Eyes of Rememberance
2. - New York's Lament
3. Valion - Lovers End
4. Fluffy-Sama Amv’s - Live For Love
5. Raven1841 - I Believe
6. Dr. Raven Productions - The Mark of My Sins
7. Hurqlez Productions - The Place Promised
for Better Days

8. Dr. Raven Productions - Tanked Samurai!
9. Fluffy-Sama Amv’s -Towards The Light
10. - Connect to the Synergy
11. The Ninja - We're Spinning Out of Control
12. Hoshizora Productions - All New For '72
13. Lil' Yakka Productions - Dreaming of Darkness

I will announce the winners during the screening, as well as online as soon as I get plugged back into the net.


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