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Beings (WIP)

Post by tko03isaneditor » Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:56 am

Hello Forum once again!

I need some criticism or feedback once again on this AMV i've been making for a contest. I'm slightly worried that the camera zooms and effects will effect viewers in the viewing room and if anybody could help tell me what i should have less of or have more of that would be incredible.

If any scenes don't make sense again it'd be greatly appreciated to tell me so i can improve more in the future, thank you!


if you're wondering what the story of this amv is, click the spoiler!
Spoiler :
The story is meant to surround around that planet in the background, its either in every scene or you can see the lighting of it (again if its not there this is a WIP). This planet is about to crash into earth is explained in an earlier AMV as this is a series of MV's. Beings is meant to show how everyone's relationship changes throughout this new discovery. Everyone is afraid of the notion, and trying to find themselves. Kuriyama and Akihito plan to dive into beyond the boundary to hopefully prevent the inevitable disaster, but in this universe akihito becomes corrupted and learns the reason why this planet appeared out of nowhere was due to him. The cause of why this happened or what his corruption is, is unknown and will be revealed in a later music video.
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Re: Beings (WIP)

Post by Kireblue » Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:19 am

I like the zooms. I do feel that they shouldn't come to a full stop though. Even after the zoom slows down, I feel that the scene should still have a very slight pan out so that it never completely stops moving

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