One Punch Man AMV - I Am An Outsider (T.D.G.)

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One Punch Man AMV - I Am An Outsider (T.D.G.)

Post by Teutonier » Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:01 pm

My first try in creating an AMV. I know, it´s not perfect regarding the editing and fast diversity of the scenes in usual AMVs, but maybe some people,who watched One Punch Man,will understand, what I wanted to express with this :roll:
Nevertheless,feedback from people,who didnt watch the anime,but are experienced in the creation of AMVs. is desired as well. :wink:

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Re: One Punch Man AMV - I Am An Outsider (T.D.G.)

Post by vkamv » Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:37 pm

Interesting AMV. I'm assuming that you message was that Saitama doesn't care about being in the in crowd but is happy being a lone ranger of sorts. I suppose such a view can be reconciled with the anime plot itself. It does appear that at first Saitama wanted to be popular and accepted, but towards the end of the first season chose to give up such aspirations and glory, and in a sense, stopped caring about being part of the in crowd.

The AMV itself was not bad. I thought that the parts where you sped up the scenes were a bit too distracting, especially with the sped up mouth flapping when they spoke at 0:23 - 0:25. I liked the short length but also felt that it ended really abruptly in the middle of the song. I feel a fade out was needed for the audio. It left the sense that it was incomplete or "to be continued".

Good job for first AMV. I see a lot of potential here.

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Re: One Punch Man AMV - I Am An Outsider (T.D.G.)

Post by seasons » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:52 am

I liked the second half of this more than the first half.

Most viewers, including myself, get easily distracted by scenes where characters are talking, especially when they’re moving their lips VERY fast like they do in a few scenes here.

I think I understand what you’re trying to express in this video, the song makes sense for telling a story about Saitama and works as a basic character profile, although it feels like there was a lot more room left to explore this. There’s a few scenes showing him from far away in very long distance shots—maybe some more close ups could have helped develop some of the feelings and themes that you’re working towards?

I appreciated the simple cuts and the basic approach to editing this, lots of effects wouldn’t have helped to develop this idea much more, in my opinion (besides, the visuals here stand up on their own very well, anyway).

Looking forward to future videos from you.


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