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Re: Survey

Post by blaksun » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:31 pm

What Was Your Favorite Part of AMV Roulette?
Watching all those entries after you finished yours yourself. Reading the feedback\comments from the judges

What Was Your Least Favorite Part of AMV Roulette?
Skyb chat XD

Did You Feel That Making A Video To Fit The Requirements Was Too Easy Or Too Hard? Why?
Nop i had hope for some more crazy cumbos like Deans, Heavy M or Romans , Punk but it woes not to hard or to easy

Do You Think It Would Be More Fun If Additional Bonus Points Were Available? (Ex.)
No not relay all tho bonus points for make\using full song mite be nice

Additional Comments/Suggestions/Complaints?
Fun fun fun |:>

If You Had Placed First, Would You Have Chosen The Giraffe As Your Prize?
Yes 8-)
Text endless companions so foe raid ones and even less that makes sense :)


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