MindWarp Spring/Summer 2002 Contest Winners

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MindWarp Spring/Summer 2002 Contest Winners

Post by Machine » Mon Sep 23, 2002 8:38 pm

Ok guys, I know most of you have wondered why our website was going up and down alot this last week. The answer is simple, we have switched web hosts and are now being hosted by my good friend Jonthan Watson of Random Variable Productions (our website only, hosting is another source).

Now, your probably wondering why I'm posting this here. Well that's easy. I have been able to finally fulfill a promise I made a while back to the Winners of the MindWarp Spring/Summer 2002 contest.

All of your winning videos are now hosted on our website =).

Don't remember who won?

Here are the winners:

Kenshin - Enigma Directed by: Kamran Ahmadi
*Best Drama Award

Evangelion - All your base are belong to us Directed by: Jesmaster
*Best Comedy Award

Lain - Resident Evil Directed by: Akuma
*Best Dark/Horror Award

Ah! My Goddess - You're The Reason I Believe In Love Directed by: Sephyre
*Best Upbeat Award

Gundam Wing: Heero must die Directed by: David Chan
*Best Parody Award

Ah! My Goddess - Loss Directed by: Kentaro Shimazu
*Best Instrumental Award

Gratious Porn Video Directed by: Ian Roberts
*Best Adult Award (P.F.S. Award)

Love Hina - Dedicated to Ana Directed by: David Chan
*Best Romance Award

Final Fantasy - Chop Suey Directed by: Ben Boulmier
*Best Non-Anime Award

Cowboy Bebop - Everyone Hurts Directed by: Brian Liu
*Best Sentimental Award

FLCL - Shameless Rock Video - Speed King Directed by: Ian Roberts
*Best Action Award
*Best Editing Award
*Best Visual Effects Award
*Best Anime Music Video

Well, I'm off to Anime Weekend Atlanta for this coming weekend. I hope to meet several new AMV creators as well as some familiar faces as well. Be on the look out for the upcoming AWA Documentary as well as a new video from myself. My AWA Masters video will finally be made public. That's about it for now.

Also, the spankin new MindWarp Forums are up and running! Check them out for great Slap-Dick comedy humor and great smilies. Think of it as a place you can vent your anger! :twisted:

That's all for now guys!

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Post by Machine » Mon Sep 23, 2002 8:59 pm

Grrr, I forgot to add something:

There is an actual edit button on our new forums!

Woot! :D


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