Newbies: Hosting and the like.

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Newbies: Hosting and the like.

Postby AMVUserII » Fri Aug 23, 2002 8:56 pm

While this thread still has some usefulness, it should be noted that it was made at a time that the org did not host videos for free.

If you wish to have your video hosted on the org's servers, you need to log in to the site's member page to create a video profile for your video if you haven't already done so. Then, click the Upload Video link to acquire the information needed to send the file to the server.

Detailed instructions can be found here: ... yer/up.htm



Well like the other newbie 'sticky' post I decided to make a post for new-ppl on how to get your AMV(s) hosted for ppl to see, anyone who is offering hosting or is looking for hosting and the such post here. People can add to this so it will give a better understanding of how to AMV(s) hosted. Also any flaws I've made in this post feel free to correct me.

This question gets asked several times a day; People looking for hosting. So I think I'll try to create a definitive "what to do" guide.

Oh and can a MOD make this a 'sticky' people ask on and on about hosting, so this can be like a guide.

First some terms you should familiarize yourself with if your new.

Hosting - in reference to AMV(s); having your AMV online for people to download.

Host - The entity whom provides the hosting.

Server - The machine that provides hosting.

Bandwith - Amount of transfer a host provides.

Storage Space (Disk Space) - Amount that is hosted.

IP Address - Internet Protocol Address. (usually seen as a series of digits)

ISP - Internet Service Provider.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol

FTP Client - Software used to connect to FTP Servers.

FTP Server - Server that can be connected to via FTP Client.

Note: In order to connect to an FTP Server you need to know its IP Address the port (Default Port is 21) for it and if needed the User Name and/or Password.

Getting your AMV(s) Online

1. General Hosting
2. FTP Hosting
3. Application Distribution
4. P2P Distribution
5. Direct Connect Distribution
6. Special Online Distribution/Hosting

1. General Hosting

This is the typical way of getting your AMV(s) online and having them hosted. What you will need to do is find a host. Usually hosts these days are companies which offer these sevices at a price. Ratios of prices can vary from monthly to yearly charges. And charges are based on the hosting plan you choose, some hosts offer several plans so the consumer can find what they want in a hosting service.

Here are some hosts that I found.

2. FTP Hosting

FTP Hosting is a bit more complicated then General Hosting but also has its own benefits. With FTP Hosting you have your AMV(s) on a FTP Sever and that FTP Server is connected to by an FTP Client.

One of the benefits of using FTP is that its possible to use your computer as the FTP Server and your Internet Connection as the Bandwith.

Although with FTP the Connection is divided up by how many users are downloading and/or uploading. Therefore your Internet Connection if you choose to run the FTP Server on your computer needs to be at a High Speed for optimal efficiency. This means that speeds like Cable and DSL would be third rate. Even a business line for Internet Connection has its own limits. Thats why in most cases its better to get a host for your FTP Server. Unless you have something like T1/T3 Connection.

Now if you do choose to make your computer as the FTP Server. You'll need some software

Recomended FTP Software

FTP Server Software

Serv-U -
BulletProof Server FTP -
GlobalSCAPE -
WS_FTP Pro Server - ... index.html

FTP Client Software

CuteFTP -
BulletProof FTP -
FTP Voyager -

Now with the FTP Server software you have, just set the server up as you see fit. If you run into any problems refer to the manual and the help guides if any problems persist just feel free to ask on this website, and make sure you post in the appropriate forum.

3. Application Distribution

Application Distribution is a way of distributing your AMV(s) Online via an Application. Most Common examples of these are File-Sharing Applications. The basis of this idea is that through these programs you share your AMV(s). So other ppl can search for them via the program. And find the AMV(s).

Although in most cases these programs are at no cost. The draw-back is that you must be online for people to download the AMV from you. One thing to note is that the faster your connection is the faster you can download from other ppl and they can download from you. Also since some of these programs come at not cost to you. They sometimes come with spyware/adware.

Recomended Applications

Kazaa -
Morpheus -

What is spyware/adware?

Adware and Spyware are sometimes refered to as being one and the same. Although typically they're defined as follows.

Adware - software advertising systems that show static banners, and connect to third parties via your internet connection to update to the newest static banners.

Spyware - software advertising systems that make secretly use of your internet connection, for example to retrieve new banner ads from a third parties server or send various information about you. This information is collected and sold to third parties.

Because of the secret behaviour of these systems, they are also called advertising trojans.

Most of these systems are installed with a (often popular) host application, which may or may not work without the adware/spyware components installed. Some attach themself to your browser, some are completely invisible.

Here is a list of some of the more common spyware/adware software.

-Comet Cursor

You can find these subsystems embedded in more than 800 programs and utilities (including, much to my disappointment, CuteFTP and Surf Saver)

How do I get rid of spyware/adware?

Well 2 ways

1. Preventing spyware/adware from getting on your computer by making sure what you download does not have spyware/adware. Some software these days sometimes offer different versions of their software, usually one with the spyware/adware and the other without it. These 'clean' versions of the software are often refered to as 'Lite'. (ie. 'Kazaa Lite')

2. By using anti-spyware/adware programs you can find out if there is any spyware/adware on your computer and if you can get rid of it. In most instances you can. Although some programs need the spyware/adware in order to function correctly.

Recomended Anti-Sypware/Adware Software

Ad-Aware -
Pest Patrol - ... fid=google

4. P2P Distribution

P2P (Peer to Peer) Distribution is essentially direct online distribution of AMVs most of this is done through Instant Messenger and Chat Programs.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) -
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) -
Yahoo Instant Messenger -

Special Areas on the Internet where you can go and chat and distribute your AMVs are these areas.

1. AIM Chat Room - aim:gochat?roomname=AnimeMusicVideos%2Bdot%2BORG
2. IRC Chat Room on DALnet '#amvdotorg'

5. Direct Connect Distribution

Direct Connect Distribution is a way of getting your AMVs out there via an application that works much like a network where people can log on to servers; chat and message other users and yet at the same time search for files they want, like AMVs for example, just as they would on a File-Sharing Application.

Direct Connect -

The AMV Server for Direct Connect is (not yet up)

6. Special Online Distribution/Hosting

Sometimes if your lucky you'll find other ways to get your AMV(s) online for ppl to download. This could be anywhere from having a friend that owns a server to a nice member of this site offering free hosting. Also participating in AMV Contest is a good way, some AMV Contests offer Hosting if you win.
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Postby trythil » Sat Aug 24, 2002 12:26 am

"Bandwidth", not "bandwith". Also, the difference between upload and download throughput should be emphasized -- many people THINK they have a high-speed connection because they can download at 300 KB/s. You will rarely have a symmetrical connection these days, unless you're willing to pay for it. (It doesn't HAVE to be that way, but it is.)

You should also note that some direct-connect methods do not work in the following cases:

(1) your ISP disallows non-established TCP connections at their router
(2) you do not have a public IP (e.g. your ISP has a NAT scheme at their end)

Additionally, regarding running one's one FTP daemon:

(1) check your ISP's policies; it is very easy to determine if a customer is stepping out of line, and it is also very easy to pull the plug on a customer.

(2) find out your ISP's firewall configuration (if any) to determine what ports, if any, you can run an FTPd on. If your ISP doesn't allow non-established connections through, you're SOL.

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Postby KojiUrashima » Sat Aug 24, 2002 1:10 am

hmmm, it's great that you know so much TCP/IP, but do you think that the n00bs will understand anything about what were talking about here?[/i]

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Postby Ashton » Sat Aug 24, 2002 1:22 am

I'm going to save poor Chris(Melfina) the effort on this one, there is a really cool website that will host any AMV for free, all you have to do is re-encode into a very specific format. The website is It's really quit a nice service he has put together.
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Re: -.-

Postby trythil » Sat Aug 24, 2002 1:28 am

KojiUrashima wrote:hmmm, it's great that you know so much TCP/IP, but do you think that the n00bs will understand anything about what were talking about here?[/i]

Actually, yes. The stuff I referred to isn't all that hard to pick up (go Google; you'll find a ton of info), and it isn't just TCP trivia that I spouted out to look smart. It's stuff that really matters when it comes to setting up servers.

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Postby Wonka » Sat Aug 24, 2002 7:54 am

May I just warn against the use of Feature Price as a general host. I know alot of the residents know of the evils of FP, but some of the new guys and the ones that this thread is directed at should be made aware of the devil that is Feature Price.

Anyways, new guys to the hosting world, please avoid Feature Price like the plague. PM me if you need details, but please take my word for it, they have fucked many an AMV creator (including myself).

Just a heads up ;)

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Postby KojiUrashima » Sat Aug 24, 2002 1:23 pm

Yeah, I know what ya mean, It took me and a friend to set up my server. Since we were on a LAN with masked IP, and forwarding was being crappy ^.^

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Postby Hakura » Mon Aug 26, 2002 12:01 am

about the feature price thing I know that it's evil...even if their offer is really good...unlimited bandwidth my arse...

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Postby Bluemantis » Wed Nov 20, 2002 1:25 am

I personally recommend using software like kazza to share videos. It was about 2 years ago when I first stared looking for videos and I got them off of scour. At the time I was downloading a lot of ranma and ran across my first non-dbz video, it was Phades "Material girl" video. After that Supavegitto's "son gohan- kryptonite" and Anim Gumi "crawling". Thinking back on it per-2-per file sharing is how I got my first 20 music videos. Tried to use it myself but kaaza did not reconize files done in Microsoft Movie Maker

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Postby Rozard » Wed Nov 20, 2002 10:01 am

KaZaA is not good to use for hosting because you can't find every specific video. Sure, you may find the extremely popular/crappy DBZ ones, but you can't just type in a title expecting to find it. Hell, last year I had my videos on KaZaA. I had 4 different people in my dorm search for my videos, and they weren't able to come up with anything. Taking that into account, there's a slim to no-chance-in-hell chance of someone in Buckwheat, Nowhere finding your video through a P2P server. The best way to host is either through a hosting service or FTP.
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Irrational Exuberance

Postby kuroneko1221 » Sun Dec 01, 2002 3:48 pm

A favorite of mine is freeservers ^_^;;
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Postby Freako » Mon Dec 02, 2002 1:29 am

hosting will be a thing of the past .. err. in the future ..

mark my words ... its only a matter of time before some anime company or ...GOD FORBID ... the RIAA decides that this is robbing them in some way ....

there is always some ahole who just loves to F things up.

just check it out.

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Postby Daimao » Sat Dec 07, 2002 8:56 pm
freeware ftp client for personal, educational, and non-commercial use
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Postby Flea Of Terror » Thu Dec 12, 2002 12:56 am

Just thought I would let everyone know.
I can host your videos for you, and yes, there is a small fee.

My website used to be for anyone who remembers it. It is now, and currently has nothing but a small front page logo on it. But, it's got a high speed connection. Downloads are usally around 40-80K or so.

I ask $5 a month for up to 5 videos, of any format or size (Anything larger then 150megs is a little extreme though). There is no limit on the amount of data transfered, but I do monitor it and try not to piss my hosting company off. With peaks of about 35gigs in a month of transfer before, they have yet to say anything.

I can take mo/cc/paypal.

Best way to get a hold of me is by e-mail at

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Postby Satori » Fri Dec 27, 2002 1:26 pm

I think in the first post was mentioned. I had a little trouble with them. I couldn't get it to dl anything. I even tried zipping one pic for a test, but it would always say server not found or whatnot. Then when trying to cancel it took about 15 days. When I emailed them about it again to remind them, I got a response that they'd contact me when it was done. They never did. I only found out because I checked my credit card. No cancellation confirmation or anything. *shrug* maybe someone else had better luck with them.

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