Interlacing issues

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Interlacing issues

Post by Deuce Loosely » Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:58 pm

How do I get rid of completely?
I rip directly from DVD and re-encode to either DVD NTSC mpeg2 or XVid mp4.
My default resize is 720x480.
I heard there are filters I need to use?
Is there a program I need for this?
I just wanna avoid any more "jagged" appearances to what are supposed to be smooth, curved lines...
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Re: Interlacing issues

Post by GloryQuestor » Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:11 pm

The problem is you can't re-encode directly. The only way to get rid of your interlacing is to inverse telecine the video, which when done properly remixes the video from the DVD's 30fps NTSC back to the original 23.976fps progressive encode. All it takes is this one line in AVISynth:


These two functions are part of tritical's TIVTC, which comes with AMVPack. A simplified explanation is that both of these functions together scan through your footage and eliminate all of the interlaced fields they find.

I would refer you to read l33tmeatwad's guide for a better explanation of how it works, and even more things to watch out for when building your source (or building the finished video after editing it).
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