offering up most of CS2 for free [win/mac] cont..

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Org Profile offering up most of CS2 for free [win/mac] cont..

Post by post-it » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:43 am

Subject: offering up most of CS2 for free [win/mac]

@ BasharOfTheAges, Qyot27, SQ and Brad;

I think I have a theory to the free giveaway ..
"its a Shake-Down of Programming Engineers to see Whose Designs
are Valid without Microsoft upgrade restrictions and to Prove whose
designs will move forward for the next projects currently being tested."

CS2 Primiere will not function without "DXmedia" which hasn't been
used sense Windows XP and IT will not adapt itself to the newest
DirectX upgrade in 7 nor 8. Now, there is a way of doing this and
that did work ... but, like, how many people today really know
their Operating Systems Settings well enough to MAKE IT WORK!??

I called a friend who knows people at Adobe and for some reason,
Adobe doesn't seem to have any interest in replying to her questions!

Therefor, use it at your own risk. - jessie

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