#AMV-Review #56: SarahtheBoring's "All the Sights I've Seen"

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#AMV-Review #56: SarahtheBoring's "All the Sights I've Seen"

Postby Kionon » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:29 pm

...I think it's #56 by the traditional count.

SarahtheBoring has given permission for this log to be posted.

#AMV-Review wrote:<Oto|stuff> anyway, gonna watch the video
<Oto|stuff> so how much series knowledge does this require?
<Kionon> I would say that it has an ooh pretty pictures aspect to it, but there is a deeper meaning about how the lyrics and mood of the song interact with the motivations of the characters, but I don't think it is necessary to recogise it as a good video.
<Melanchthon> I think quite a bit to really know what's going on.
<Kionon> Technically, at least.
* Kionon pokes ngsilver
* Kionon also pokes mirkosp
* MD (~MD_edit@A3758726.AD4EE328.B70AF62E.IP) has joined #amv-review
<MD> :|
<MD> depending on what
<Kionon> Please watch and op the video in the topic.
<Kionon> ;P
<MD> I have 4 mins
<Kionon> BOOO
<MD> oh
<Kionon> epic fail.
<ngsilver> I will log, as I always do, but I just don't have time to watch, op and discuss any vids right now
<MD> is that vid good
<Melanchthon> Yes.
<MD> if it is half way decent then I will stay for 15 mins after I watch it
<Kionon> ngsilver: please let me know if in the future there is a better time.
<Kionon> Which is something we need to discuss
<Kionon> because this is a terrible time for me.
<MD> is it the last video? Why should I stick around?
<Melanchthon> What time is it where you are?
<ngsilver> there is no better time for me this month
* xnamkcor (~xnamkcor@synIRC-263DC76D.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #amv-review
<Kionon> I mean in the future.
<xnamkcor> what's this?
<ngsilver> this time is fine for me really.... anytime after 6pm Eastern
<Kionon> Downdload video, op it, discuss it.
<Kionon> Discussion starts now.
<MD> viewtopic.php?f=2&t=102312 ? this vid
<Kionon> People can catch up.
<Kionon> The one in the topic
<Melanchthon> Just giving it one last watch to finish up the General section.
<MD> I clicked on the wrong link....
<Oto|stuff> discussing
<Oto|stuff> so I really like Sarah's editing
<Oto|stuff> I do have some issues with overlays
<Kionon> I admit a bias, but I didn't.
<xnamkcor> <Kionon> Downdload video, op it, discuss it. <<< do I have to op it?
<Kionon> I really really loved her entire compositing mix.
<Kionon> You should, but if you just want to discuss, it is better than nothing.
<Melanchthon> Okay then.
<Melanchthon> I like the way it's put together visually, with the mix of masks and fades.
<Oto|stuff> on no, my only real issue is just like
<Oto|stuff> some of the ways in which the overlays blend
<Oto|stuff> timing-wise, they add a lot
<Oto|stuff> apart from the technical thing, I see why they're there
<Kionon> In general, it was what I'd have to call mood sync.
<Kionon> Nothing was hard or really literal synced.
<Melanchthon> There are some parts where the sky is still visible around the silhouettes, but I don't really mind.
<Kionon> But it felt good.
<Oto|stuff> yes, agreed
<Oto|stuff> it's a moody video, not an actiony video
<Melanchthon> It's not supposed to look like the other scene is going on behind the top layer.
<Kionon> Actually, I disagree.
<Kionon> I think we were supposed to see them. That's why I say compositing, because it was something different than pure masking or pure overlays.
<Kionon> it was something in between
<Kionon> Which I think really helped build the mood.
<Kionon> Utena, and its characters, are messy, messy individuals, emotionally and mentally. Maybe that's where knowledge of the series kicks in.
<Kionon> Basically, it just had good flow.
<Kionon> Now, I'm biased. I know the anime intimately, I like the group. I love the combination.
<Melanchthon> I think, intentions aside, _trying_ to make the overlays look like they were produced that way would have ruined the effect by making it fall into a sort of editing Uncanny Valley.
<Kionon> I chose it largely because she's a veteran editor who has fallen off the radar, however. Her combination was just a side benfit.
<Kionon> Can you explain uncanny valley?
<Kionon> I am unfamiliar
<Melanchthon> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncanny_valley
<Melanchthon> Covers it better than a quick explanation.
<Kionon> Interesting viewpoint.
<Kionon> However, may I say, that might have been intentional?
<Kionon> These are very disturbed indviduals.
<Melanchthon> No, I'm saying that leaving parts of the original backgrounds in the overlays / masks makes the effect look more natural.
<Kionon> Ah.
<MD> hmm
<MD> not bad
<Melanchthon> If you wanted to cut out the orange background at about 0.22 you'd need to do a lot of work, and doing it wrong would be really obvious.
<MD> the editing was alright. I like overlays but the keying (blue,chroma,etc)....most of that wasn't to my liking. Hit or miss
<MD> but combining overlays and keying :/
<MD> bleh
<MD> other than that...it was cool. I used to use overlays and keying a lot....I slowed down on the keying but that was when I first started editing
<MD> whoever it is has some pretty good taste editing wise...other than what I mentioned. I only watched it once so...I can't really comment on anything else gotta go. I'd watch their futer vids >_>
<Melanchthon> As long as it looks deliberate and fits in with the original source's quality I'm not really bothered. The borders between the layers are smooth and even.
<Melanchthon> The ES Posthumous one is funny.
<Melanchthon> Epic dog-walking action!
<Kionon> You disliked the song, but it didn't affect your view?
<Melanchthon> No, it didn't. It was only a mild dislike, not something that made me want to switch it off.
<Melanchthon> I think at one point it got too much radio play.
<Kionon> In what year?
<Kionon> Well, does anyone else have anything to add?
<Kionon> Much of what I liked about the video did tie into knowledge of the characters, but visually, I found it very appealing.
<Kionon> I also, admittedly, like the song and the group.
<Melanchthon> Well, it was released in 1999, so then I guess? According to Wikipedia it got to #3 in the UK single charts, so I can see the radio stations putting it on heavy rotation then.
<Kionon> Hrm. I thought it was earlier.
<Kionon> Is it a keeper?
<Kionon> I say yes, of course.
<Melanchthon> I have a lot of disc space and tend not to delete videos unless I hate them, so the default answer to that is 'yes'.
<Melanchthon> Plus, there is a lot to look at in the vid purely from an editor's point of view.
<Melanchthon> Or rather, the default answer is 'not no'.
<Kionon> I would say, compared to other Utena videos, and I own a lot, this is in the highest category.
<Kionon> Anyone else, anything else?
<Melanchthon> I'm finished unless anyone else has anything. Where'd Oto go?
<Kionon> He didn't think he'd be able to particpate much.
<Kionon> Aaaaand. I think we're done.
<Kionon> Okay, as godix and I earlier agreed, the log will be sent to the editor, but it will not be posted.
<Melanchthon> Alright.
<Kionon> In the future ops are desired for editors who do not have a forum or IRC presence, but are not mandatory, and certainly not required.
<Kionon> for editors who are on IRC or the forums.
<Kionon> I need feedback on time, I need more moderators.
<Melanchthon> Still waiting on other opinions...
<Kionon> Honestly, Mel, I think the others are afk.
<Kionon> Oto said he was writing one.
<Kionon> I am not sure MD did, xnam didn't want to, and Nate is not really here.
<Kionon> Mirko is idle.
<Kionon> Very well then, -review is ended.
<Kionon> Unless you want a bonus video.
<Kionon> But that's usually not as much fun without more people.
<Melanchthon> Maybe save it for next time?
<Kionon> Yep.
<Kionon> I'll copy the log and send it to sarah.

Please feel free to view the video and add your own thoughts, adhering to standards of common decency. Thanks.
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Re: #AMV-Review #56: SarahtheBoring's "All the Sights I've S

Postby McDirty » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:14 pm

It's a nice video. The style is how a lot of old school AMVs used to feel like by sticking to simplicity, character profiling, juxtaposition of the visuals with the music, and simple editing techniques which I personally like.

I guess my only critique, is that I wasn't too sure what the AMV was about. Or to be more specific, I wasn't sure what SarahtheBoring wanted me to feel while watching the video and I myself didn't know how I felt.

Anyways, good job SarahtheBoring. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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Re: #AMV-Review #56: SarahtheBoring's "All the Sights I've S

Postby McDirty » Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:24 pm

If I may voice my opinion on when to hold #AMV-Review. Monday's are a pretty bad time for a lot of people due to people working full-time and school. While I myself am not promising that I can make the review, weekends do allow a little more flexibility for most. Just throwing in my two cents is all. It' be nice to see more going on in the AMV community and more interaction from it's members these days. Good luck.

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Re: #AMV-Review #56: SarahtheBoring's "All the Sights I've S

Postby Kionon » Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:44 am

I am one of those people, actually. Monday night is a terrible time for me, and I too would prefer weekends. When we last discussed a Friday or Saturday review, the main objection was that too many people would be out and about, and that people didn't want to wake up earlier for a Sunday morning review. I did run the review a few times at noon on Sunday, but that's still like 2am Monday my time, and I have catch a 6:45 train!

My vote is for a Friday night or Saturday night review time.
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