Off Topic Vs. Way Off Topic - A word from the Mods

This forum is for actual topics of discussion that do not fit the above categories.
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Off Topic Vs. Way Off Topic - A word from the Mods

Post by SpPANDA » Wed Dec 25, 2002 9:52 am

From MOD359

I will hijack this thread as an opportunity to outline the basic differences between the two forums.

Off Topic is for serious discussions about things which may not fit as a topic into the rest of the forums. For example, a discussion about Art or the Sims online would fit into the Off Topic forum as the threads actually have a constructive purpose and are meant for (at least semi-) serious discussion.

Way Off Topic is for silly stuff and primarily conversational threads with no set topic. If Spam is going to happen (and I'm not saying that it will), it will happen in this forum - no where else. Thus the plethora of "Merry Christmas!" messages get put in Way Off Topic (it's up to debate whether they would be better off in All About Me) along with stuff like "I like pie" and threads which are simply pointing out some weird link like "Most disturbing present EVAR!"

All about me is for shoutouts, self plugs, and whatever other ego-stroking activities the trolls may be inclined to post.

Posts will get moved between the off topic forums WITHOUT shadow threads, so be warned. Also, deletions may occur without warning on completely unsalvageable threads.

Please stick to these posting guidelines and you will not have to go searching around for where the heck your thread went.


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