Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by Replay Studios » Wed May 21, 2014 12:46 am


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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by Magicflier » Wed May 21, 2014 1:24 am

personal favorites:
Phenomenon (Open Your Moe)
Vividred Strikers
Find Our Way


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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by Kimberly » Wed May 21, 2014 3:10 am

Personal faves in no specific order (except for the first one listed):
- Crystal Vitality (won my heart ♥)
- M&Ms
- Riot
- Possessive Hatred
- Elevator Jammed

Now for comments! =)

Team Psundercyan
Spoiler :
Latter Days: I was really liking it until a certain point into the video. It starts off as a sweet romance video, but then it enter weird territory with the introduction of the blonde character. Every time the pace of the song picked up, it seemed as if the video would just step out it's supposed category. I'm not familiar with the Madoka series because I've never seen it, but I think that the video would've worked a lot better had the scenes been just the pink-haired and blue-haired girl only.

Femme Fatale:

Pop Train:
Funny! But some parts seemed very rushed ):
Donde esta La baguette:
Spoiler :
Immortal: Not bad. It progressed nicely, but then the ending seemed to rush and it left me confused.

Clarté: It was okay.

Animal Love: I liked it, fun video! I don't think the rewind part of your video was necessary though, nor did it work very well.
Team Chicken Cult:
Spoiler :
Oblivious Futon-Dwelling Stargazer: Not bad, fun to watch!

WHAT TEAM?!: Awesome idea, came out pretty nicely. Aspect ratio was off on some of the High School Musical parts.

Elevator Jammed: Edited very well, really enjoyed this. The ending was super abrupt, but good job either way!
Spoiler :
Manic Undead Fanservice Slaughter (feat. Tits McGee): It's nice.

This One Counts Double: Interesting video, fun (:
Okay, I'm gonna do the rest later. The comments get noticeably shorter with each video because of laziness, so I'll probably rewrite some of the comments tomorrow.

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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by chikasole » Wed May 21, 2014 3:38 am

Ok, I have too many favorites on this round so I'm gonna be copycat & do the exact same thing Kim's doing but after I get off from work. All I can say is that YOU ALL DID A GREAT JOB ONCE AGAIN! I'm really bummed how some teams didn't submit 3 videos. Ofc there must've been reasons behind those and we're all humans, not machines. But .... T_____________T *sobs*

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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by MimS » Wed May 21, 2014 5:55 am

OMAGAD M&M's credits killed me XD
"Special thanks : 'omg nobody didn't beta test' " hahahahahahaha

Well, both parodies of it were not too bad but this one was the coolest to me ^^

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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by PantherMarie1988 » Wed May 21, 2014 9:35 am

[11:03:18 PM] Ninja Marie: Teresa, you can haz all da editing
[11:03:22 PM] Ninja Marie: *gives it to you*
[11:04:09 PM] Teresa-MamaHen: D:
[11:04:30 PM] Amber (Mura) ~♬: - gives Teresa what skills she even has and leaves -
[11:04:49 PM] Ninja Marie: Cami someone entered a mawaru taco buffet vid ;3
[11:04:50 PM] Teresa-MamaHen: NOW GET BACK HERE
[11:05:46 PM] Ninja Marie: I like how this potentially silly theme somehow has all of these super serious vids xD
[11:07:11 PM] Amber (Mura) ~♬: LOL
[11:07:23 PM] Amber (Mura) ~♬: Expects fansevice, gets feels hurt and crys
[11:08:26 PM] Ninja Marie: Oh, I'm sorry? You were expecting flopping boobs? WELL TOO BAD
[11:09:48 PM] Amber (Mura) ~♬: LOL, pretty much xD
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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by Liquified » Wed May 21, 2014 12:24 pm

Wow, you all did such a great job! i really enjoyed them all! good job! :D

My Favorite's (No specific order) :mrgreen:

Crystal vitality - Dangowaffles
Smoke and Mirrors - Dangowaffles
M&MS - AEON studios
Possessive Hatred - Dangowaffles
Animal Love - Donde esta la baguette

And i really, really enjoyed participating the warfare altough i had not that much time etc, but it was alot of fun! :ying:
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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by PantherMarie1988 » Wed May 21, 2014 12:35 pm

This is long.
Be nice.
It took me forever to write. xD

*because this contest needs some self-esteem boosting, positive comments*
I love critique, I love improvement and I love commentary where the aim is to tell you what works as well as to point out what doesn't so that you won't make the same mistakes and can do better next time - but sometimes I feel like some of what was being said in the comments and in the chat was a little derogatory, whether intended or not. I know that my team at least has gotten their feelings hurt a bit by it and it killed the enjoyment factor of this contest for them, so if anyone else felt the same way, here are some comments that focus only on the positives and not the negatives of the groups. I'm not trying to stroke egos; I just want to give the teams some credit. Collectively, some of these entries might have not been perfect, but you're all good editors who are capable of many amazing things if you just put your mind and hard work into it. Regardless of what the final placements may come out to be, there weren't any horrible editors in this contest. Remember that!

Team Unresponsive
Out of all of the teams, this is probably my favorite one. You guys are consistent every round with producing quality edits. The song choices in your videos are always really awesome, and they always seem to work so well despite maybe not being the most obvious choices for the footage you're working with (like Feel Again with Spice and Wolf and Little Talks with How's Moving Castle). What's more, your videos are always really enjoyable to watch. I feel like you all had fun making these edits, and it feels like you were really enjoying what you were editing and doing it for the fun factor and not “competing” so much. TBH, It would make me really happy if Team Unresponsive wins 1st place.

+ always great timing and scene selection
+ your RAW edits were super awesome
+ everyone seemed to know the footage they were working with well, and I felt like you all really loved the anime shows you were using

I don't personally know you guys that well as individuals, but I do know you as editors. I've been following all of you for years. I know Fidelity Studios and how you guys edit so the type of editing we are seeing from this group in this contest is pretty formulaic. IT'S NOT A BAD THING - I'm just saying that you guys are street smart to this type of competitiveness and you've worked together before and have been friends with each other long enough that you know what to do and how to do it and how to do it well...and you use this to your advantage. YOU'RE LIKE THE EVIL MAD SCIENTISTS OF TEAM WAREFARE!

+ editing that seems catered to this contest or at least attempts to be with quality level
+ Crystal Vitality was everything everyone ever loved about final fantasy games (y)
+ pretty awesome emotional edits
+ I know your editing well enough that I could pick out who edited what without reading who did, and I think you all put a lot of effort into what you made. It wasn't necessarily innovative, but everything you guys created was done well. Good job!

Æon Studios
I'm not sure what to say about your studio. XD I feel like you guys have some sort of expectation and code that all of the members abide by or something when it comes to what you edit and how well it is done but I can't quite place what that “code” is exactly. I will say YOU GUYS TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. I can tell by the quality of everything you all did...and that's awesome. Even things that are intended to be silly still have a lot of thought and effort put into them. I can also tell that you guys are really proud of your team and of each other because you flaunt your logo and your effects skills because if an effect added wasn't done well, I don't think it made it to the final cut on any of these videos - you're flawless. You guys are really skillful. There is no denying that you all are great editors, both when working alone and as a team.

+ fluid clip movements
+ awesome effects
+ transitional zooms are among some of the best I've ever seen
+ team pride

¿¡ Dondé esta la baguette ?!
Sometimes I think you guys are taking this seriously and sometimes I don't. ^-^ haha - I wish you'd entered three vids in round #2. I'm not sure if they were made and you just didn't make the deadline or what, but I really like this group. I'm not sure if all of the members have a specific aim or if you were just editing what you felt like and how you felt like doing it, but overall, I think all of your entries were pretty good.

+ your psychedelic editing is the best psychedelic editing
+ Animal Love was amazeballz
+ it's funny that you did the same song/anime pick as another team in round #1. Though it wasn't necessarily edited as well, you had better lyric matching so I liked “forbidden love” better overall (even if it was enevitably more pervy ;3)

Team Psundercyan
I feel like you guys are the dark horse in this competition - like that team that people didn't expect much from and then you make awesome stuff that blows them away. You haven't always been consistent, but the videos that you did well, you did really well. Femme Fatale (sadly not many people will get this one if they haven't played Catherine and realized what a mind fuck it is, but I think this video is really brilliant and the tone of the song matches what the main character is going through perfectly … + DAT SONG <3) and Pamplemousse are among my favorite videos in this competition.

+ surprise awesomeness
+ I don't know how welcome to the NHK is moe xD just saying
+ interesting song choices and unique ways of approaching how to edit them in relation to your theme picks

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

You guys are either the fun group of this competition or the wtf group (I HAVEN'T DECIDED YET). A lot of your edits were weird or silly, but they were all done well (even Nano Ha Ha Ha and Woman Interrupted, which scared the crap out of me honestly but they weren't troll vids so much as they were intended to actually have the effect that they did and there was a lot of effort put into the creation process so I respect that)...and then on the other hand, you also created The Ballad of Steve and A Different Kind of Love Story, which were I don't have any complaints. I'm glad you guys created things that you seemed to personally have fun with even if the humor in it didn't always settle well with me personally.

+ effort
+ that psychotic, unsettled feeling
+ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Virtual Reality
I'm sad that you guys had a team disagreement and dropped out. You were good and could have even won this thing if you'd stuck with it. C'est la vie

Team Mutiny
I'm not sure what to say about you guys. I'm happy for the bond everyone has. I know TM is a group more focused on the friendships and supporting each other than how you guys edit even though you like betaing and improving...and some of this competition feels like you guys had it kind of disorganized but were still able to produce some nice things in the end (even though this final round is missing videos - where has Chaos been? ;-; I remember him mentioning something about having his computer ready in time for this round).

+ round #2 was really good for you guys - Butterfly Caught and Kiss from a Hydrangea were your best entries in the entire competition in my opinion
+ Drango is the master of internal sync
+ Janikachan is sparkly *^*

Chicken Cult
I love you guys! I think we all said everything worth saying in our team chat. I just wish you guys had given more than one night/one day edits on those MEP parts (sometimes the effort wasn't there when I wished it was and I know we could have done better - glitches and things that could have been fixed but weren't because we didn't have time are the thing I find myself regretting about what we entered). Granted, I know we were busy, but we also could have edited more than that one night right before the deadline. We might have really had something then with more dedication, but regardless, you know how I feel about you all and this competition and I'm just happy that everyone hung in there. GO CHICKEN CULT!


I feel like everyone in this group has potential, but a lot of the times, your videos seem to have missed their mark with the judges (don't feel bad about that, chicken cult didn't do so great either) really could have done better with little things like removing the AR, centering your text when you used it so that it is all on the screen and avoiding lip flap and top corner logo watermarks because they honestly weren't bad entries, they just had some technical/quality issues and little things that could have been cleaned up to make the appearance better.

+ you guys seem to really have stepped up your game in this last round
+ your song choices are always fun and you use a lot of silly and fun anime to go along with it. I find myself wanting to dance like the characters on the screen are doing.
+ The more serious edits (It's Alright and Bury Me) were actually really great even though Bury me was catered to people who have seen Monster (Monster is a really hard anime to edit to because of the length and dark/complicated subject material so I really didn't agree with the bad comments on the Monster edits in round #2) - the nameless monster story part with the overlays was especially well done.


Well, that's my input. My team has unanimously decided not to enter something like this again, but it was an interesting learning experience. I look forward to hearing the official word from the judges and wrapping things up. ;3
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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by WolfandSerpent » Wed May 21, 2014 2:15 pm

I had a lot of fun with this (even though I almost died having to edit and finish University work but yeah :awesome: )
My favourites (in no real order):
Smoke and Mirrors
Possessive Hatred
Phenomenon (Open Your Moe)
This One Counts Double

This was my first contest type thing and I hope I can be in more in the future :3

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Re: Final Round - VIDEOS [All Videos Available]

Post by xDieguitoAMV » Wed May 21, 2014 4:17 pm

Very good videos!, im pretty sure that the final results will be really close.
My personal favs on this round:
- Phenomenom (open your moe)
- Find our way
- Key brothers
- Clarte
A personal opinion for the organizers.. please if the results are going to be late like on the second round for some problems of course everybody will understand it and its fine, but at least allow us to share our video on the internet in that sittuation beucase is really anoying to wait like 2 weeks or more for share our videos in my opinion.
Thats all, good luck everybody :D


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