Project OrgEditor Season 2 Judging/Scoring

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Project OrgEditor Season 2 Judging/Scoring

Post by CodeZTM » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:32 pm

[Note: This is a minor bit different than what was originally posted on our Tumblr. We have had to make a slight change due to the high volume of entrants, as well as a way to more fairly scale the rounds so that there is not an unfair advantage.


The scoring happens in these steps:

1) The judges score all the videos. Every judge gives the video points in which are then added together, totalling 0-100 points from each judge.

2) The points are then averaged.

3) Now the bonus points for the future rounds are awarded to few top videos. The exact amount of awarded videos and points given will be decided at the start of the round and depends mainly on the number of editors participating in the round.

4) The bonus points from the previous rounds are added to the score (if there are any).

5) Now the contestants whose video has the least points are eliminated from the contest. The number of eliminated contestants is also announced at the start of every round. People who drop are counted into this number.

Note: The bonus points are cumulative and stay over round. 4 bonus points from round one and 2 from round two mean you get 6 extra points to your score in round three and further on.

What are the Judges looking for?

1) First and foremost, they are looking at how well you executed the theme challenge. For those that don’t know, each round of the contest has a special “theme challenge” that editors must abide by. Executing this theme better (in terms of concept/editing/uniqueness) will earn you more points.

2) Visuals of your video are a considering factor. This doesn't mean that old footage is shunned upon, but having properly cleaned/scripted footage is an important part of your video.

3) Sync and editing are also an important factor. If you video is edited and synced well, you will receive more points.


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