ANIME EXPO 2010 Amv Meet & Greet (WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!)

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Re: ANIME EXPO 2010 Amv Meet & Greet (WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!)

Postby machina21 » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:29 pm

Castor Troy wrote:
The Wired Knight wrote:
Castor Troy wrote:First AMV dinner I missed in 9 years. :(

Sorry you couldn't make it dude. I had a nasty feeling that when you texted me when you got in line for reg that you wouldn't make it. That's actually the reason I try to get to reg stupidly early so I can make it.

That aside, I honestly put a vote into moving the dinner to 7:00 next year so everyone has more time to get their stuff together before teh dinner since we always come back too late to pick up reg.

I was hoping reg would move fast, but I was wrong.

The biggest slap in the face was hearing that the reg line the next morning was non-existant. :x :x

Im must be damn lucky because I usually pick my badge day one and the line goes by pretty smooth,longest was 10 minutes tops. Been doing that since 2008. Maybe next year i'll just register at the Con cuz NO ONE is in that line. :awesome:

Move it to 7:00? Thats cool with me, i live like 5 minutes from Downtown L.A. anyway it doesn't matter. Hood rich son! :bzz: :rofl: :bzz2:
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