MomoCon 2020: Events & Editors' Dinner

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MomoCon 2020: Events & Editors' Dinner

Post by Kireblue » Fri Dec 06, 2019 1:54 pm

Hello Everyone. I'm now starting the thread for MomoCon's 2020 AMV Events & Editor's dinner. The dinner will be held at Stats Sports Bar located about 2 blocks from the convention in downtown Atlanta. Its a great location, the price of the food is reasonable, and has something on the menu for everyone. Please message me if you'll be in attendance |:>

We'll also have a "Editors' Social" that will take place in in the MomoCon suite at the Omni hotel on Thursday evening. We'll provide games, free food, refreshments, and snacks. Some of the games I plan on bringing are:
Love Letter (Adventure Time Version)
Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis
New Salem
Super PACS!
Exploding Kittens
And possibly a few board games that I'm currently in the process of designing :awesome:
Reservation Information *Note:It's highly encouraged for everyone to bring cash to pay for their food, but the restaurant has been pretty good in the past at splitting the orders and accepting cards. Judging by their menu, $15-20 should be more than enough to cover any of the meals and a tip.[/i][/list]

Editors in Attendance
  1. Kireblue
  2. Mycathatesyou
  3. Sean.PNG
  4. Troubleclef
  5. l33tmeatwad
  6. pwcagal272
  7. Nataleo
  8. MadMegatax
  9. (+ 1)
  10. BioticAMVs
  11. Inan
  12. PaNTSU
  13. Kirbygal
  14. keiichiface
  15. (+ 1)
  16. TwigglyFiggly (maybe)
  17. NGSilver
  18. Ruuchan
  19. Shin
  20. Xophi
  21. Celia Phantomhive
Events & Panels

AMV & V-MIX Competition
Original Thread
Kireblue wrote:I'm pleased to announce that MomoCon is now accepting entries for it's 2020 AMV & V-MIX Competition!
Entries will be accepted until Monday, April 20th, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST. Each AMV Contest finalist will receive a free 4-day membership to MomoCon 2020, and the winner of each category will receive a trophy and $75 Cash Prize. We're also giving $100 to the Coordinator's Choice Award winner, and $500 to the Director's Choice Award winner.

MomoCon's AMV Contest welcomes submissions from all forms of animation. We also have a separate V-MIX (Video Remix) Competition for Live Action submissions, Cosplay Music Videos, and animated music videos that would either be ineligible or doesn't fit into an AMV Contest category. V-MIX Competition winners will receive an award and a free membership to next year's convention (MomoCon 2021).

2020 AMV & V-MIX Submission Form
Iron Editor
  • A competition where participants edit for 2 hours with pre-selected footage that match the 2020 convention theme of "The Roaring 2020s". 2 editors to compete at a time, and the winner is decided by our panel of judges and specially selected audience members. A playlist of last year's videos can be found here.

    Last year's Iron Editor Winner: BioticAMVs
    Theme: Cyberpunk: Yesterday's city of today, because tomorrow is soon

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