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Re: Round 1 Results Thread

Post by EvaFan » Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:25 pm

Vivaldi wrote:Ah, I'm glad my video came across as post-modern and not just half-arsed. it originally had hands in it, doing minority report style editing, but doing a good job keying it turned out to be difficult with an hour left till deadline.
I actually really liked your promo and how creative it was. It was one of my favorites regardless of score. Only flop side was amount of effort and time spent. Think it would have done alot better if you incorporated the whole "editing taken literally" aspect of it more. My first time watching it, I didnt understand it till I realised you were advertising editing video and music literally on the screen in a creative/funny way. I chalked that down as me not realizing the obvious though. AND HOLY SHIT SOMEONE USED LENSFLARE SERIOUSLY, also it worked out well nice job. :awesome:

Also, I just realized no one gets to see invidual scoring from the results posted on this thread. I've received 2 PMs asking for comments in which I gave my indivual scoring on categories with the comments. I couldnt find anywhere that said this was against the rules so if others want those scores feel free to ask on judge thread or PM me.
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