The Next Episode Award (Best Trailer or Commercial)

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Re: The Next Episode Award (Best Trailer or Commercial)

Postby Animated » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:40 pm

This category is the one that caught my attention the most (i believe that's because of Faggot, but oh, well). The ones i personally loved the most was U, Robot and Ghost Runner. The first one for being the most intense trailer, or maybe... the most intense AMV i have ever seen. An instant 5 star rating. As for the second, for it's attempt to pass a strange emotion of mystery and agony, while being techically perfect. I won't reveal my vote, but i had to pay my respects to both Snowcrash and Bauzi, amazing job guys.

As for the other three AMVs that qualified, i enjoyed all three of them too and, in my opinion, they totally deserved to be in the final 5 videos of the category, but there were some small things that bothered me, for example the lip syncing in A Walk to Remember, the expressions of the characters while they were saying quotes from the movie in Evatar Renewal and as for Call of Shit, it was awesome, but too simple. Editing this kind of footage seemed quite a piece of cake. Anyway, good luck to all 5 of you! :D

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Re: The Next Episode Award (Best Trailer or Commercial)

Postby Snowcrash » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:57 am

Animated wrote:Anyway, good luck to all 5 of you! :D

Yes I'd not said better :D
And that's true, this category was very interesting. I discover as well really good videos during the semi-finals. I remember The inception of Haruhi which one the best vid on the Inception trailer. And faggot was as well really good !

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