What frame rate are Region B/European anime Blu-Rays?

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What frame rate are Region B/European anime Blu-Rays?

Post by DJ_Izumi » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:09 pm

In short, I want to order A Silent Voice on Blu-Ray but it's only getting a European release. It's readily available to preorder on Amazon.co.uk but my question is frame rates. I've not well kept up with the NTSC vs PAL thing in the HD era, since it seems every HDTV seems to readily support 50hz and 60hz, is this reflected in Blu-Rays? Would a UK anime blue ray for a new feature film contain a 23.976hz film or would it be somehow converted to 25p/50i like in the DVD days?

To be clear, I obviously know that Region B discs won't play in any Region A player, but my intention is to remux the disc and watch it on my HTPCs. The discs are just to collect, I don't really 'watch' them, I just dump their data into my server.


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