How to output a completed video in Sony Vegas 13??

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How to output a completed video in Sony Vegas 13??

Post by Lady.Foxx » Mon May 04, 2015 10:48 pm

I finally found a project I wanted to do with my Sony Vegas software and have worked on it for a couple of weeks, but never thought about what to do once done. The whole thing is saved as a Vegas Project file, and I know it needs to put out in a different format for size and play ability on youtube/facebook. I feel stupid asking but I just can't see the best way to export it and I am getting so frustrated. I've seen some other forums discuss this but they use such technical language I can't figure it out ><

Any assistance would be really appreciated.

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Re: How to output a completed video in Sony Vegas 13??

Post by Nya-chan Production » Sat May 09, 2015 7:26 pm

Hello, and no worries~

You can use this guide:
I'll just cover some basic steps around your question here.

The ideal steps for the best quality here, are to render the project into lossless avi first, then encode this lossless avi into lossy mp4.
The first step you do in your Vegas - you have your project set up in some way (you can check it in File - Properties). When you render (File - Render As...), the best option with the new Vegas versions is getting as close as you can to your project settings - I did that by picking some avi template, editing it to what you usually use and then favoriting it and use show favorites only checkbox, that way I can see only that single template when I render.
My template goes (under customize template):
- Use project settings for size
- 23.976 (you should ideally almost always edit anime in 23.976, exceptions are rare)
- none field order
- 1.000 PAR
- video format depends on lossless codecs you have. Ideally you should use UTVideo or Lagarith (you can find links in the guide above), eventually you can use Uncompressed, but be warned - it's BIG.
Audio I use PCM uncompressed, 48,000Hz (44,100 is good too), 16 bits stereo
You can also set the rendering quality to best in the last panel, but I set it to best in the project in the first place.
With UTVideo the resulting lossless file should be around 0.5 GB - 1 GB per minute of your video (depends on size and other things)

When you render the avi, you then take the avi and feed it into some encoding software. On The Org we usually use ZarxGUI (you can find link in the guide above) - you will need to install Avisynth from the guide, but after that, it's just dragging your lossless avi file into input field and then setting the quality you want - you should probably go with constant quality with quantizer about 20, preset very slow, audio I use AAC with bitrate 192. If your video comes out messy (likely because it has lots of grain or action scenes), try to encode again, with lower quantizer - it will increase quality and - likely - filesize as well. Usually 10 - 15 MB / minute is good enough quality for many 720p, some AMVs go higher because of resolution or content (grain, action).

If you have any trouble with this, or more questions, feel free to ask further, no problem with guiding.

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