Thunderbolt 2.0 adapter for externals

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Thunderbolt 2.0 adapter for externals

Post by Anicsi » Mon Jul 10, 2023 11:07 am

Hello everyone, this Mac section seems to be dead, but here I am again every couple of years with a cry for help ;)
While I still edit most of my stuff on my trusted MacBook Pro from 2012 (yes yes, indeed, although now with 16GB RAM and a SD hard drive, but still on High Sierra and CS6...), I recently got a MacBook Air 2017 (not the one I would have gone for, but well, it was a present). Unfortunately, compatibility is proving difficult with that model, I am currently running Mojave on it, still contemplating whether I should update to a newer system or not (well knowing I'll be forced to soon enough). Now, one of the biggest issues is yet again with the ports, because it doesn't have USBC/Thunderbolt 3 yet. It has two USB 2 and one Thunderbolt 2 ports. On my old Mac, I used my external drives withFW800, but I can only connect them to this 'new' Mac with the USB2 hub, which obviously sucks speed wise for editing.

Now, here comes my question: Is there a Thunderbolt 2.0 adapter (preferably multi-hub including USB-C, HDMI would be a blessing) that I can use to connect my externals (FW800) to? Or would that be causing problems? I've been searching the net for ages, but I am either looking on the wrong sites or whatever because I cannot find anything. I hope someone's still reading this (*cough* Kionon *cough*).
Thanks and have the best week!

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Re: Thunderbolt 2.0 adapter for externals

Post by Mol » Sat Jul 22, 2023 11:47 am

Still better than that MMO.

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