First AMV (Paranoia Agent) 2:1

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First AMV (Paranoia Agent) 2:1

Post by K. Coil » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:08 pm


I recently created my first AMV and would love some feedback. I went about it the completely wrong way, but I am very happy with the final product. Rather than porting in full clips, I broke down and edited GIFs frame by frame. I think I was able to create some interesting visuals:

-Lil' Slugger singing
-Maromi dancing
-Tsukiko realizing that she is the source of everything

I tried to go outside the bounds of what I normally see in AMVs (primarily action-oriented) and tell a truncated version of Paranoia Agent through visuals alone. I'm interested to hear if you found the narrative I tried to build easy to follow.

Thank you all for the support! Happy to trade opinions with you.

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Re: First AMV (Paranoia Agent) 2:1

Post by Thecrypticninja » Fri Mar 31, 2017 3:13 am

i am working on my first amv myself, so my opinion may not be what you are looking for, but i will try to base it on what i have heard and received from experts. I will be completely honest with you, so that you can improve on your next project. Firstly, its pretty boring. you have used several clips repeatedly and for pretty long time. from what i see, the anime seems to have a dark story. so the song choice seems to fit it but it being boring outweighs it all, also a couple of the clips had subtitles in them which is not good. It may be kinda difficult to make this kind of anime to look more interesting in an amv, but you can improve a lot by just reducing each of your clip sizes and not repeating any clips. And you have tried a lot to do lip synching and stuff, but work more on your amv structure before trying to do stuff like that, cuz in the end, lip synching and stuff only add flavour to your amv, so if the baseline amv is boring and dull, it wont make it any better.

i hope that helped you atleast a little

also, would you mind checking on the amv that i am currently working on? its not completed. its half way done. please give me your opinion on it! :D


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