WIP! Need feedback! First AMV project!

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WIP! Need feedback! First AMV project!

Post by Thecrypticninja » Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:15 pm

Hey guys,
Had asked for a feedback couple of weeks ago, now I need some again! Please tell me anything that's wrong in the video! Be brutally honest! Please lemme know if you have a way to correct those mistakes! I have still not added transitions for the last 10 seconds! So leaving that, please lemme know if I can make it better in any way possible!

This is my first AMV so expect to see some bad mistakes! And it's a WIP!

Thanks a lot for taking your time to watch this and give me your thought!!! :D

P.S: some of you might feel weird about my music choice! But I used it cuz I felt like it suited it!


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