I need your opinions guys! :D

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Anime Bros
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I need your opinions guys! :D

Post by Anime Bros » Sat Oct 15, 2016 10:24 pm

Hello if any of you know me or my channel i need to introduce my self. I'm Joe from anime bros. So i need your opinion guys on my amvs if any of you got some time to spare it would be grate so pls tell me if any of this was worth watching.

First one is:
「AMV」Anime mix - Five
This one was released Sep 27, 2016.

Second one is:
「AMV」Anime Mix- Last chance
This one was released Jul 17, 2016

And the third one is:
「AMV」 Eve world
This one was released Aug 16, 2015

If you guys can leave some feedback i would be really grateful :) <3

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Re: I need your opinions guys! :D

Post by RayizerAMV » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:43 pm

To be honest with you like most amvs it's just music on video with some syncing. And you are capble of that. But i just watch 1 video like the first 30 sec, i noticed it's just all clips thrown into video without a actual purpose for example you have all fighting clips from different anime. To improve , i suggest extending your masking duration to like a least few seconds and not 0.5 cuz it's mostly unnoticable. Also the masking need to be better by smoothing the edge with feather as well as using capacity to fade it in so the mask will look even more smoother when overlapping other clips. What i meant by no purpose , is because the music lyrics doesn't really fit with the video and you just throw in random overlay to sync the beat, but is that you way of making videos then it's fine ~ everyone has their style. You did try to match the music by adding the text but then again the video didn't fit with it.

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Re: I need your opinions guys! :D

Post by AiaSnTropeaS » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:42 pm

I really enjoyed the eve world, but as rayizer said, the other two were bit... not interesting? really cool sync + FX, but the videos seemed without purpose except looking cool. Eve world had a sense of "identity" if you get what im saying

PM me if you want any beta testing, I love to help out anyway I can! :mrgreen:

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