Looking for songs that go from sad to happy / mood shifts

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Looking for songs that go from sad to happy / mood shifts

Post by MycathatesyouAMV » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:51 am

Basically I've been wanting to do an amv that goes from sad to upbeat / happy, but most songs I know only have one mood. I'm looking for something that would shift in moods like in the Animegraphy AMVs. The only issue is is that those are multiple songs. Though I am trying to avoid heavy / hard rock songs and I'm looking for poppy, pop punk-sh, alternative or instrumental stuff. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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Re: Looking for songs that go from sad to happy / mood shift

Post by AngelDragoon » Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:29 am

The Animegraphy videos tend to have a smorgasbord of down beat to upbeat songs, (for me at least), but I'll throw out some suggestions. |:>


The End by Harry Gregson Williams & Lisa Gerrard
--Starts out dark, has its ups and downs, but for a 9 minute song it can be cut down for whatever you need. And if you used it that'd be awesome because this piece is amaaaazing... <3

The Constant by Michael Giacchino
--Depends on how you interpret 'upbeat' with this one, but visuals could go a long way to portray what you want.

Truth by Balmorhea
--One of the saddest beginnings with the happiest ends I've ever heard from an instrumental, lol.

Death Is The Road To Awe by Clint Mansell
--Again, a really long song that can be cut down. The 'upbeat' part of this is a little...wild, but figured I'd put this one on the list anyway.


Love's Divine by Seal
--An oldie, but definitely follows the slow buildup of sad to happy.

Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men
--Depends on how quickly you want it to pick up, but the tempo varies from verse to verse so it makes for something interesting, to say the least, while ending on a happy note.

While I'm sure there's more out there, these are pretty much the best examples that I have stashed on my computer that haven't been done to death in recent memory, lol. I will say that unless it's an instrumental, and more likely a score, you might have to dig quite a ways since note repetitiveness tends to win out over the progressively sad to happy movement. I'd suggest clicking on some of the 'related videos' on these songs just to see if it will lead you to anything else. :beer: :up:

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Re: Looking for songs that go from sad to happy / mood shift

Post by dreamawake » Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:34 pm


....Well, it STARTS happy at least <.<


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