Passed the Patent Bar!!

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Passed the Patent Bar!!

Post by Geirr » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:31 am

Well, I've been off the radar as far as AMVs since about January (2014.)


But, last Tuesday I passed the US Patent Bar Exam!!!

This took MONTHS of nights and weekends - no gaming, no AMVs, no parties, no TV after dinner.
After dinner was STUDY till bedtime. EVERY NIGHT.
I missed the 70-point pass by THREE on 9-Sep-14,
went back to the grindstone and I PASSED.
It was brutal.

I will next be applying for a registration number as a US Patent Agent.
(Not an attorney.)

NOW I can get back to HAVING FUN with AMVs again!

Oh, yeah, I'm running an AMV contest at NewConPDX

So, send 'em in! Deadline is 19-Nov-14!

- G

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