Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

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Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by Radical_Yue » Thu Aug 14, 2014 9:03 am

Almost every day on my Facebook feed I see people posting that they're streaming Twitch, made a Let's Play, working on cosplay, opening art commissions, etc. I always wondered why there wasn't already a thread for this. I know there are some free floating threads here and there about this type of thing but usually they get a couple posts before falling off the page so I figured it might make sense to have a single thread where people came shamelessly pimp themselves and it won't be all about them. I know that some people actually hold back on posting their stuff since they're afraid of looking like an ego-trip maniac by making their own thread so hopefully this'll give them a bit of confidence to get themselves out there.

So basically, promote yourself!

If you've got a Twitch, post the link to it, what kind of stuff you play, when it updates, etc.
Artist? Post a couple forum-safe examples and links to where people can see your other artwork and/or order commissions.
Anything else? You get the general idea :P Give examples and links to the full work.

No AMV related stuff though since the rest of the forum is already dedicated to them. Non-Orgable GMVs and LAMVs are fine.
Feel free to post updates as to when you're streaming, opening up additional commissions, finished something new, etc. but be careful about spamming and turning the thread into your own personal party.

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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by Chiikaboom » Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:36 am


Livestream: ... iikaboomTV
FB Page:
Store: (not done yet)

also working on a graphic design site but i'll post that here when its done~!
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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by macchinainterna » Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:19 pm

YouTube -
FB page -
tumblr -
DA -
Blogger -
Livestream -

I posted my YouTube channel because I don't often edit to AMVs, so most of my videos are based on other things (games, live action movies, and so on).

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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by ngsilver » Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:42 am

I'm starting up anime review show called An Old School Otaku Presents. Right now I have 2 haul videos up and a 1 ep review up as well. I'm working on the scripts for the longer format old-school anime reviews (reviewing stuff from the 80s/90s basically) but don't have any of those up yet.

Mainly an extension of my youtube channel. Basically a place for people to ask questions of my characters or myself.

I mainly use DA to find SM, Sonic, and MLP art nowadays. Though I have a number of short stories, poems, and a few fanfics posted there as well.

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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by FarmXD » Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:36 am

Great! I'm almost ready to open my skills for commissions, since I'm in a common adult situation where I really,
reaaaaally need to do some extra cash...your support or nice comments would be always welcome! :D

Facebook Page:
Youtube: ... 7KnW3ytUKA
Official webiste in construction yet, sorry :|

You can see me working in this link:

Also, I'm working in a psycho/thriller comicbook, but also I'm doing a lot of illustrations of this same project, or
fan arts and commissions like the one I'm doing for Fadoo-sama. I also try to keep the facebook site
active with news. If you guys are interested, I'll be updating my stuff to an english translation :D

I'd love to do more characters, fan arts, banners, wallpapers, etc, etc.

Thank you, now take a :shark:

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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by Kimberly » Fri Aug 15, 2014 2:04 am

Twitch (inactive, but maybe one day I'll actually stream)
My Anime List

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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by Shui » Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:11 pm

My Radio I generally lead it and most of the catalogue is from my personal collection. noncommercial and shit.
Spoiler :
fucking stealing other poeples hard work and claiming it as your own, you guys should be ashemed

ppl fukin fuk spent years making those animes, blood sweat and spilt coffe stains drawing all day long just to get a title "animator: this GUY" and then those music ppl spend years learning to produce music, teams of so many hard working ppl just trying to get their stuff out there in the world then WHAT TEH FUK DO U GUYS DO? u fukin take the drawings, u fukin take the music, then u just slap it fukin together like its fukin nothing, then u make banners and og take credit for it fukin all like u fukin made shit goin amv contests actin liek ur teh fukin shit fukin sayin i amde this fukin liek if u fukin did fukin makin fukin the fukin fukin fukin fukin - MiyaDV (2014)

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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by Gigatless » Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:44 am

I love my women like I love my AMV - furious low skilled action without any sync and technique.
I will suppress the detest.. and ignore the faith.
Curb the repulsion, and the depression.. and the dread and the hate.
I will get back up on the stage.. because I love you all
I'll keep pouring my heart out.. Cause This Is- Fucking- Rock N Roll!

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Re: Promote Yourself! (Twitch, art, etc.)

Post by Castor Troy » Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:07 am

Battle Geek Plus: My webshow about video game parodies and other stuff. I've had Fall_Child42, Sephiroth, and Pie Row Maniac do voiceovers for me in the past and we just got picked up by That Guy With The Glasses.

Battle Geek Plus Facebook Page | Battle Geek Plus Twitter

My personal twitter
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