What's the last thing you bought yourself?

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Re: What's the last thing you bought yourself?

Post by Tinimellow » Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:05 am

A little embarrassing, but homework assignment help was the last I’ve bought :( Uhh last month I was really swamped with homework papers

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Re: What's the last thing you bought yourself?

Post by Qyot27 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:44 pm

Not technically the last thing I've bought, but the most recent thing that arrived in the mail was a copy of Magikano Vol.3. I'd picked up the first two volumes years ago during one of RightStuf's clearance sales for $3 or $4 apiece, but the asking prices for new copies of Vol.3 at the time (and while I was still unemployed) were still >$20, and now it's pretty much impossible to find any new ones. Going through my old wish lists, I'd finally resigned myself to having to settle for getting a used copy, so I looked on eBay and Amazon Marketplace, and found a Very Good listing for $8 (+$4 shipping, so $12).

It showed up today, and in keeping with the fact I understood it was supposedly used, the bottom of the DVD case had areas of gunk stuck to it (the slip cover also looked a tiny bit sunfaded, but that could just be my eyes). When I took it all the way out of the mailing envelope and looked at the top of the case, though, I'm actually pretty sure this was a new copy, since the seal with the ADV Films logo and disc label were still intact. So I took the seal off, and the interior of the case and the disc itself were absolutely spotless.

So I've basically come to the conclusion that yeah, it was a new copy that had possibly gotten stuffed into a box, but the box might've ended up water damaged, getting the case dirty. Upon taking the slip cover out to clean the case with Goo Gone, there is a little bit of rippling toward the bottom of the front side, but I really have to angle it toward a light to see that. So after cleaning the case, that looks fine now, the slip cover is maybe 95% perfect if those ripples really are there (there's no smell, though, so that could've just been from the packaging process or mildly humid air wherever it was stored), and the interior and disc are completely clean. I did test the disc and it played back without issue.

So yeah, I really got lucky on that.
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