G-AMV 2009 Contest - Presented Live Sunday, February 8th

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Re: G-AMV 2009 Contest - Presented Live Sunday, February 8th

Post by Vlex » Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:03 pm

Here. First, I want to thank everyone that was present on the live streaming, everyone that encouraged us, all the participants and our on-location team composed of Kin, Niwa and Pacoup (and me, but I won't thank myself xD). Oh! And yes, our public at the convention.

Here the complete ranking with all the 49 AMVs we received.
Spoiler :
1- [Dn@] W.U.N
2- [Koys] Traverse
3- [Fadoo-sama] Oniromancie
4- [Deltod] Chimera
5- [ShinRyu] Travel
6- [Frayge-Rody] Certified Samurai
7- [Xcite] Ancephalitis
8- [Soul's Team] MEP Live
9- [Vann] Magic World
10- [Vellure] Mainstream Love
11- [Emy310] the face of my hero
12- [Kin] Illusions
13- [Victoria Galietta] Lord of the Anime
14- [Xerian Team] Butterfly
15- [LuMiErE] Drones
16- [Kin] Universa
17- [Cross] BURE!!! BURE!!! BURE!!! BURE!!!
18- [Nyala] Tyrannical
19- [KatrinaJoyner] Princess Tutu - Finger Eleven - Paralyser
20- [Hiru] Last time
21- [La Caroline] Ascadelia
22- [Harima Kenji] Sweetly Broken
23- [Kaiser Panda] Moby Iyagi
24- [Devi Shin] The Legacy of the Saiyans
25- [Vegetaku] Fights Memoriess
26- [KatrinaJoyner] Handlebars
27- [LeonPereira] Breathe
28- [Inf3rno] AMV Paradise
29- [F1R3S70RM] Into Oblivion
30- [Diana Sverdrup-Yap] Wake Me Up When September Ends
31- [MarieCamilleCarrier] DeathNote
32- [Apocalyptic Productions] Irgenwie
33- [KatrinaJoyner] SakuravsSasori
34- [HalOfBorg] The Vegita Shuffle
35- [Melina Gosselin] God Bless the Child
36- [Sonydjsnmix] WhiteHouses
37- [HalOfBorg] Hell Girl Likes A Pink Pill
38- [Bonehimer] The Makunouchi Code
39- [HalOfBorg] And Now, A Word From Our Sponsor
40- [Bonehimer] Larger Than Tengen Toppa
41- [HalOfBorg] Animerata
42- [JulieKlos] Gundam 11
43- [Samurai Jake] SlayersMen
44- [Local Gods] All These Things I Hate
45- [DeShadrian Campbell] Words
46- [Dark-Nevek] Desespoir
47- [RichardSéguin] FF8Cassis
48- [tiecu1] Evil Degeneration
49- [Corsair] Akatsuki Technique Beat
To download the clips, go there-> http://www.amv-canada.com/contests-eng.php5

And thanks again, it was very successful for us!! And long live AMV-Canada!!! :wink:

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Re: G-AMV 2009 Contest - Presented Live Sunday, February 8th

Post by Koys » Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:42 am

*0* Nice work Amv-canada :mrgreen:


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