Anime Los Angeles 2007 AMV contest entries

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Anime Los Angeles 2007 AMV contest entries

Post by toddashi » Sat Jan 27, 2007 3:56 am

I didn't have an entry this year, for once. Here are the entries, with links where known. If no one else replies with them, I'll try to find the list of winners.


The first entry wasn't shown. The audio cut out part of the way through it, and the creator wasn't there, so they skipped it:

Summer Song Renju + Rukia
Creator: Paisley
Anime: Bleach
Song: I've got a dark alley by Fallout Boy

The rest were shown fine.

Natural Selection
Creator: Mie'aga
Anime: Saiyuki the Movie
Song: Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

Hades Bites The Dust
Creator: LC Productions
Anime: Apple Seed
Song: Reaching Out by Queen

Before I'm Dead
Creator: Studio Hybrid
Anime: GitS SAC
Song: Before I'm Dead by Kidneythieves

Kingdom hearts theatrical trailer
Creator: Maggifan
Anime: Kingdom Hearts 2


Creator: Anglea
Anime: Kingdom Hearts 1+2
Song: Imaginary by Evanescence

Creator: Mie'aga
Anime: Loveless
Song: Love like Winter by AFI

The Konoha Memory Book
Creator: Matt
Anime: Naruto
Song: Photograph by Nickleback

Sword of the Father
Creator: Anneke
Anime: Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)
Song: Lullaby by Enya

Anthy's Death
Creator: Anneke
Anime: Utena
Song: Dirty Little Secret by Sarah McLachlan

Be My Friend
Creator: Studio Hybrid
Anime: Final Fantasy 8
Song: Breathe Me by SIA


Luck be a Cowboy
Creator: Seth
Anime: Cowboy Bebop
Song: Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra

Seiji's Little Secret
Creator: LC Productions
Anime: Midori no Hibi
Song: Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects


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