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Post by BaHaRa » Wed Jun 18, 2003 2:33 pm

hackerzc wrote:
Ok let's get serious for a moment here.
First, no you did not break any rules. But the AMV community kinda looks down on people who send to a zillion conventions because technically it IS trolling (AMV citizins arrest?). The only reason the contest cordinators don't consider it such is because you sent it to a billion cons at once (got to love/ hate that rule).

Right now there is a big conersation going on in the AMV mailing list over your video actually. Much argument about submitting to con's you don't attend and such and possible paying to compeat and stuff. You should go check it out. Maybe participate since the main topic subject is names "That Yatta Vid".

Lastly, I totally understand where you are comming from in reguards to sending out to the cons all at once. It's eazy to do, and it covers your ass if you win an award and won, yet the deadline for another con has not arrived yet. I personally would LOVE to have my vid win a bunch of awards throughout the year.
But the question I keep asking myself in requards to your "we did not think we would win anyway so what the hell?" is, if you did not think you were going to win anyway, then why did you send the video to a con at all, let alone many?

I'll let you guys talk amungst yourselves now as I'm going to go hide in my bunker until a shot comes my way. :roll:

well no point in addressing much of this on the forum, so ill just think some of that over. but in response to why did we submit if we didnt expect to win, being new creators we want our videos to be seen...thats really it, we dont wait for the results of the cons to rejoice, we all celebrate when we would receive the email saying we made it into a con. why? because lots of people would get to see our vid and maybe we would get some feedback.

we want our video to compete in otakon and ax, since those are two very competitive conventions. i personally dont know what other cons (aside from the ones we got results from) we have submitted to, but i dont think dropping out of those would be a big deal to us anymore.

would that make people happy? not exactly trying to cause any problems...we thought this would be no different from our first video where it was submitted to more than a few but for the most part didnt even make it into that many of them

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Post by BaHaRa » Wed Jun 18, 2003 2:41 pm

ah, replied before i read your post AD. i'm fine with being a non-competing entry for the majority of any cons reamining that we submitted to. we've all been looking forward to otakon, and we've attended it for the last two years and cant wait for it this year. If we are lucky enough to make it in i dont think we are willing withdraw from there. but i will discuss this with rachael and hayley and see what we can come up with.

oh and i kinda wish i had been on the mailing list from the start now, doh

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Post by hackerzc » Wed Jun 18, 2003 3:25 pm

BaHaRa wrote:why? because lots of people would get to see our vid and maybe we would get some feedback.
I can relate. Too bad that in all the awards you won, you only recieved 3 reviews and like 430 hits.

I mean, I had like 9 reviews and 1200 hits before my latest one was even shown at a con. God I love animemusicvideos.org
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Post by Quu » Wed Jun 18, 2003 4:57 pm

what I have noticed... and my basic rule of thumb (whihc since i have large hands means big thumbs)

send out the video to 3-4 cons at once... any more and its trolling... also... if a con has a deadline well after another con that you submit to... wait to see how it does at the first one before submitting to the second

if your video wins... retire it... don't send it to any more cons as compeating.... those you already sent it... it is wins at all of them.... great... and those who complain can get over it... but its up to you to have the status changed on the ones in transit...

after one year of circuts... retire it even if it did not win

i guess I just see alot of cons
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Vlad G Pohnert
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Post by Vlad G Pohnert » Wed Jun 18, 2003 8:33 pm

Well, here we go again with the trolling thing... I know we all are probably not agree with the exaqct definition of trolling and I did say my opinion in the Otakon thread already....

Yes, I agree with a person setting a reasonable limit to how many contest to enter... Now, if youe sent to say 4 and the deadline is very close and you win at all 4, is that trolling?? or say you win at two, is it fair to yank the video from a contest in the process of judging it??

Now personally, the way I see it is that as I mentioned in the other thread, I feel it's more important to have my video shown to an audiance rather than win. And with so many contests and this being a huge continent, I like different audiances to see my videos as well... Hence I do submit to mutile contests as well.. Now, yes I don't submit to 6 or 8 but normally no more then 3 or 4, but that's my rule and others may see thing different... I do wonder how people would see it if I send in a video to say 3 cons with overlaping deadlines and it wins at the first one...then at the second one. SO should I yank it out of the other contest with say less than a week to go even after it has gone through thier judging system?? Is that fair to the contest now??? And if the answer is YES, then what happens to a small contest that 7 or 8 people yank thier videos from for the same reason, then that could screw that contest as well and it that fair??

I come to the conclusion that with so many contests, a few wins is fine as well... I do however not support the notion to sent a video to multiple contests over the course of the year over and over after knowing all the results....

Just my opinion and other may vary so please no flaming wars....



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