Aniventure 2018 AMV Contest - Deadline 2nd September

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Aniventure 2018 AMV Contest - Deadline 2nd September

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Wed Jun 20, 2018 2:55 pm

Aniventure is the biggest annual Bulgarian anime convention. Last year we had 20,000 visitors, and hope this year to hit a new record! Aniventure is two days long and the AMV contest is during the first day. The festival will be held on the 15th and 16th of September 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We are happy to once again announce our annual AMV contect!

To get a feel of what our convention is like you can check out our awesome after video:

This year we have a new category in our contest! The Best Overall AMV and two runner ups will win a total cash prize of 500 euro ( 1st place - 250 euro, 2nd place - 150 euro, 3rd place - 100 euro ) !


Le Wild Category
Best Overall

Technical rules:

1. There must be at least three clips in each category by three different creators in order for the category to exist. If there aren't enough entries, the AMVs will be distributed in the other categories.
2. Each contestant can participate with three AMVs altogether but not in the same category. No more than two AMVs from one contestant can be in one category. MEP AMVs are allowed to participate and one of the creators ( chosen as a person in charge ) must send the video noting specifically that there is more than one creator and write in the names of all participants. MEP participants can participate with own separate videos as well.
3. It is strongly advised not to use footage from other existing AMVs. In case there is footage used from other AMVs this must be done with the consent of the original creator and noted in the registration form. Plagiarism is not tolerated and videos will be disqualified.
4. There are no limitations of the length of the AMVs for categories Action, Comedy, Trailer and Le Wild, but the judges will decide if they are allowed to be projected to the public on the day of the festival. For Drama the minimum length of the video should be no less than 2 minutes.
5. Each AMV must include at least 70% anime, manga or footage from Japanese video games .
6. The AMV must not contain inscriptions, watermarks or captions which are not related to Aniventure 2018 AMV contest or the creator himself. This includes subtitles, text or logos from televisions, other contests and events.
7. At the link ( ... ef=2&pli=1) you will find banners for Aniventure, that each contestant may insert as an intro to his AMV together with the AMV’s name. The banners can be edited in any style the contestant wishes. The intro must not be longer than 5 seconds.
Differences between the quality of the video and the intro with Aniventure logo are not taken into consideration, it is enough to have the intro edited in one video with the AMV. Inserting the banners is not mandatory and will not boost the AMVs chanes of winning if it is inserted.
8. Hentai materials ARE NOT allowed. Materials with high levels of violence or gore will be judged by the jury if they are suitable to be shown on screen.
9. The AMV must be created after September 2017. Re-makes are allowed on condition that the creator notes it in the registration form and also send a link to the original video. The jury will watch both AMVs and decide if the AMV will be allowed on the big screen.
10. FORBIDDEN file formats are: FLV, OGM, SWF, 3GP, WMV, MKV, VOB, DV.
11. Audio stream quality – minimum 44.1kHz, minimum 192kbps.
12. Minimum picture size – 800x600 (4:3) or 854x480 (16:9). Max - 1920х1080.
13. Frames per second – minimum 23.97fps, maximum 30 fps; the best is source based.
14. Maximum size of the file 500 MB.

Keep in mind that the jury appreciates the seriousness of the editors, and evaluates all submitted videos according to criteria that have been accepted as a standard in international competitions. Complying with the above rules is the minimum your video must have in order to be enrolled in the contest.

Rules for participation

I. By entering the contest with one or more AMV’s the contestant agrees to all the rules below.

II. Enrollment form is sent to, by filling the following information:
Personal name and surname, nickname of the participant:
AMV/AMVs title
Animes used
Music used
Facebook profile ( link, not mandatory )
Link for the AMV*
Address and Contact details (so we may send you any awards you win)
* We do not accept links for AMV's from Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc.! Please send links for direct download i.e. from Google Drive, Dropbox and other upload sites that maintain the original format of the video.

III. The AMV, in the exact form that it is sent, can be used by the Organizer to be projected at other events organized, after Aniventure 2018, without asking permission of the creator. The Organizer is obligated not to change in any way the AMV and to display information on the nickname of the creator, unless specified otherwise in the registration form.

IV. After the festivals has ended all AMVs entered in the contest will be uploaded to a torrent tracker for the viewers to download. If the creator does not want his AMV to be included he has to specifically inform us when sending his form to participate. All such requests must be made before the deadline for registering.

V. Together with the uploaded AMV’s will also be provided information such as the nickname of the creator, which song is used and which animes are used. Phones, emails, addresses and any personal information will not be disclosed to the public. All participants must note in the registration form if there is any other information they do not want announced. All such requests must be made before the deadline for registering.

VI. The time set for the showing of the videos to the public is an hour and a half. Because of this time limit the jury will make a preliminary selection of the best AMVs to be sown to the public. Those which do not qualify to be projected to the public will be uploaded together with all other AMVs after the end of the contest.

VII. If the AMV does not comply with some of the rules the creator will be informed in the shortest period possible to make the necessary changes and to resend his AMV. This will have to be done before the deadline ends. Otherwise the AMV will not be allowed to participate.


We urge the AMV creators to attend the festival and be present for the announcing of the winners and awards, but naturally for those who are out of the country and are unable to attend the Organizer will send the awards at our expense.

All AMVs must be submitted by the 2nd of September 2018!

More about us can be found at:
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Re: Aniventure 2018 AMV Contest

Postby ProjectTwinsAMV » Wed Jun 27, 2018 7:44 pm

Are we making those Aniventure intro into our videos still?
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Re: Aniventure 2018 AMV Contest

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:37 am

It is no longer mandatory. If a participant does not want to - the logos do not need to be inserted. If a participant wishes to insert them - it is great, but that does not bring any additional points or chances of winning the contest. You can read more about the topic at point 7. in the first post! For more questions we are available to answer.

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Re: Aniventure 2018 AMV Contest

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:02 am

Time for a little reminder that there is now less than a month to sign-up! The contest is open until the 2nd of September including!

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Re: Aniventure 2018 AMV Contest - Deadline 2nd September

Postby NAKAMA.BG » Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:10 pm

Hi everyone! We had another great convention with many visitors and an awesome screening of the AMV contest! It is now time to announce the winners from our Aniventure AMV contest held on the 15th and 16th of September:

1st place: Leave it to Fate by Speedy180
2nd place: Second Nature by shorisquared
3rd place: Phaethon by Miss Titannia

1st place: Combat Harness by EnQuatre
2nd place: Crossfire by Tomoya AMV
3rd place: Ishafan by Brad Demoss

Le Wild Category:
1st place: Down the Road by DopplerDo
2nd place: Sanity Test by DopplerDo
3rd place: Why Don't You Quiet Down by rgb

1st place: Outlawz of the Galaxy Vol.2 by Speedy180
2nd place: Jinrang by Alex
3rd place: CYBERPUNK by Arrow

1st place: Put Your Hands Up by BleachShippu5678
2nd place: 5318008 by KeiichiFace
3rd place: Shiny Teeth by Brett Burgess

Best Overall:
1st place: Crossfire by Tomoya AMV
2nd place: Down The Road by DopplerDo
3rd place: Why Don't You Quiet Down by rgb

Best Bulgarian AMV:
Ignite by 962thi_A_U_W

Honorable mentions:
Boku no Despacito Academia by Faustify
The Brand new Death Note by Nuke
My Tempest by Miss Titannia

Congratulations to all winners! We will soon contact all 1st place winners, and all Best Overall winners on how they will receive their awards!

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