Anime Conji 2018 *NEW MANAGEMENT* Deadline May 20th

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Anime Conji 2018 *NEW MANAGEMENT* Deadline May 20th

Postby Dvl-Jigen » Wed Apr 04, 2018 1:30 am

Anime Conji, San Diego's premiere anime convention is once again accepting entries for its AMV competition!

Please be sure to review all of the rules below before submitting your videos. We can't wait to see what you will amaze us with this year. Good luck!

Special Category
-Premiere Category

AMV contest rules
Spoiler :
Please do not add bumpers or credits to your AMV. Any videos submitted with such will be disqualified.

No audio may be taken from an English dub.

No subtitles/fansubs are allowed unless you add them in yourself.

AMVs with poor audio/video quality will be disqualified. This includes Interlacing issues, audio quality/distortions, etc., etc.

No visible or noticeable studio watermarks may be included in your video submission.

Freshness rule: Entries must not have premiered before Febuary 1st, 2017

Length: Please keep AMV video submissions over 45 seconds and under 5 minutes total in length. Any submissions over this length will be disqualified

Only four (4) entries allowed per participant. (One [1] entry per category, please)

We will not tolerate or allow any plagiarism (which is defined as “the “wrongful appropriation” and “stealing and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions” and the representation of them as one’s own original work). Any submissions that are found to plagiarize someone else’s work or submission will be removed from the contest and the entrant will be contacted by Anime Conji’s AMV Team to address the issue. During the review process the video submission will not be included as part of the contest or judging until the dispute is settled.

All entries should be AT LEAST 75% Japanese animation or game footage.

Please submit your final videos in the video formats listed below only. This will help us greatly with giving your video the proper amount of time for review and preparing it for the contest. Any videos that require us to edit or change settings will be disqualified.

Premiere Category:

Entries in this category must not have been shown/premiered online or at any other contest. Any entry submitted into this category found to have premiered/shown online or at other contests will be disqualified.

Entry guidelines:
Spoiler :
Contestants may enter up to four (4) videos, but only one (1) per category. Entries must be at least 70% Japanese animation.

Videos entered into the Premiere Category must not have been released online on online or at other contests before April 14th 2017

-MP4s using H.264/AVC compression are preferred. However, we will also work with AVIs and MPEG2 files. Files larger than 350MB will not be downloaded, so please correctly compress your work.

Disqualification Rules:
-Videos containing portions of another editor's video will be disqualified and the submitter of said video will be permanently banned from all subsequent contests.
-Participants who submit videos that are not their own will also be banned permanently.
-Refusal to provide one's legal name will result in disqualification from the contest.
-Bumpers, title screens, credits, or any other form of creator / footage / audio identification are not allowed: We will be adding custom title screens to identify each video so there really isn’t a need for them on your submitted files, so please remove them. If you're video contains bumpers/titles screens/credits/ect in the video itself (i.e. is part of the video and can not be cut) please make a note on your submission form and I will try to work with you to find a resolution!

Time Limit
-The running time for videos may not exceed 6 minutes or be shorter then 45 seconds.

Freshness Rule
-Your video must not have premiered before February 1st, 2017

Judging & Use
Videos will be pre-screened and judged prior to the convention. The judges reserve the right to move a video to another category if they feel it would be a better fit.
Anime Conji reserves the right to use submitted AMVs during the convention and subsequent Anime Conji conventions, regardless of Finalist status.
Due Date
-Competing AMVs and their submission form are due by May 20th, 2018 at 11:59 P.M. PDT.


Submission Form:
To enter your video, fill out the form located here:

Electronic Entries

Enter via Upload:
If you are entering electronically via public file-serving sites, please compress your video and completed entry form together into one file using either a ZIP or RAR compression format prior to uploading it to the site. Please limit one entry (video and entry form) per compressed file – if you are submitting multiple entries, please upload multiple compressed files for ease of documentation of your entries. Once you have uploaded your file, email the location to the Anime Conji AMV Coordinator (all contact information will be listed at the very end).

File Naming Convention
All video files and completed entry forms submitted must be named in the following format:
Creator – title – music artist – music title – anime source . file type
Creator – your editor name (or real name if you prefer)
Title – the title of your video (if any)
Music artist – Artist / group name of the song used in the video, or if using another audio source type, source of the audio file (e.g. – ‘The Dark Knight’ movie trailer)
Music title – title of the song, or identifying segment for the audio if not using a musical source
File type – the type of video container you are using (MPG, AVI, WMV, etc), or TXT for your entry form

Please contact us at if you have any difficulties with this form.
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Re: Anime Conji 2018 *NEW MANAGEMENT* Deadline May 20th

Postby Rider4Z » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:45 pm

Oh wow so they are having a contest.

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Re: Anime Conji 2018 *NEW MANAGEMENT* Deadline May 20th

Postby shorisquared » Wed Apr 04, 2018 3:59 pm

Rider4Z wrote:Oh wow so they are having a contest.

Rider didn't know?! Blasphemy!

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