Kumoricon 2018 AMV Contest - DEADLINE: September 1st

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Kumoricon 2018 AMV Contest - DEADLINE: September 1st

Postby MinetChan » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:11 pm

Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that Kumoricon 2018’s AMV Contest is ready for AMV submissions!

Please follow this link to reach our online rules/submission page: https://www.kumoricon.org/amv-contest

Thank you to everyone who entered into our AMV Contest, participated in our AMV Battle Royale, and attended our AMV Programming in 2017. We had another successful year and we cannot wait to continue this tradition into 2018.

A big shout out and thank you to Vlad Pohnert for his time and effort hosting our AMV Battle Royale and some of our other AMV Programming and to Tasha Livingstone for joining in as a panelist for our AMV 101. We keep on chugging along because of phenomenal supporters and volunteers like yourselves!

We are currently looking for AMV Battle Royale Contestants on top of AMV Contest entries. In this event, we pitch 3 editors against each other in a 2 hour live editing competition. Tasha Livingstone is our reigning champion, and she will be coming back this year to defend her title. Here is her video from last year:

If you are at all interested in participating, please email us at amv@kumoricon.org. We will send you a list of rules and see if you meet the qualifications for being a contestant.

We are so excited to continue hosting some of the best AMVs and AMV programming in the Northwest — and it's all thanks to you that we can make this possible. We look forward to seeing what you create!

Let the Games Begin!!!


Here are this year’s rules! They can also be found on the Kumoricon AMV Contest page.


We now have seven categories for the 2018 contest:

UPBEAT / FUN: We're looking for fast-paced enjoyment.
INTENSITY: Action, suspense, conflict, triumph, and despair!
DRAMA / SENTIMENTS: Give the audience the feels!
COMEDY / PARODY: Weird. Funny? Surprising!
TRAILERS: Short, sweet and to the point!
FAN FICTION: Rewrite the anime. Make your wildest dreams come true!
GUILTY PLEASURES: Delightfully annoying and cringey. Take the worst of pop culture and make it great.

We try to run a clean show. This includes no themes likely to insult or disparage by race, social class, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality—because that's no fun for anybody.


ANIME: are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation (Video game footage is not anime).
You MAY include NO MORE than 10% (of total duration) of non-anime (as defined above) video.

TV station logos ("bugs") and other commercial indices must be obscured or removed.
Bumpers and credits are NOT allowed as we will be adding custom-made intro and outro slates for each AMV finalist. There is an exception for AMV titles (NOT credits) that add to the overall message and purpose of your AMV.

Parody uses of commercial logos are acceptable.
No source subtitles allowed. Intentionally added subtitles are okay.

No more than 4 entries per person, with no more than 1 entry per Category.
Maximum file size: 330MB.
Maximum duration: 5:00 minutes.


To submit, you MUST UPLOAD your file to the Kumoricon Submission page.

Your FILE NAME must include your AMV TITLE
Acceptable file formats are: avi, mpg, mp4, and mkv.
DO NOT send mov, rm, or wmv files.
Physical media (such as by mail) is NOT accepted at this contest.

***By submitting an AMV, you grant Kumoricon and the AMV Contest staff unconditional permission to use, copy, share and show that AMV.


Entries MUST be submitted by 4:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC 23:30) on 01-September-2018.

A panel of judges will convene to review all entries and select up to six AMVs per category. The judges' decisions on the playlist is final.
All entries must have premiered or been created NO EARLIER than the previous year's Kumoricon (October 27, 2017).
Entries that have been finalists in previous Kumoricon contests are excluded from the 2018 contest.


Each category will win one prize chosen by audience voting.
The audience will also choose a Best of Show winner.
The judges may make a Judges' Choice award, Technical Effects award, and the coordinators may award an Honorable Mention.
Therefore, between SEVEN and TEN prizes shall be awarded for 2018.

A prize is usually an anime DVD or Blu-Ray, a manga, or an art book.

Email questions to: amv@kumoricon.org.

***Please contact us if your prize from 2017 has not arrived yet. There has been a change in management and we are currently doing our best to correct some issues that have arisen. Thank you for your patience.

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Re: Kumoricon 2018 AMV Contest - DEADLINE: September 1st

Postby shorisquared » Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:50 pm

Still waiting for the stuff from last year, but I'll be glad to enter again!

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Re: Kumoricon 2018 AMV Contest - DEADLINE: September 1st

Postby MinetChan » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:59 am

shorisquared wrote:Still waiting for the stuff from last year, but I'll be glad to enter again!

Thanks for letting me know Shori! This upcoming time, we will have a different system in place so that everyone doesn't wait as long — thanks for being patient.

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