The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

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The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby SailorDeath » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:00 pm

Another year down, but this year I have decided to spare you from my garbage amvs and not enter pro. expo or masters at all. But I do have an excuse, my house caught on fire! Anyway, it's that time of year again and it's become a bit of a tradition for me to create this thread every year where we talk about the videos in the pro contest.

As always, the rules are as follows:

1. Do not out someone/yourself if you know who made the video (Some of us want to stay in the dark on who made what)
2. Write a review for each video.
3. It can be serious or satire, it doesn't matter.
4. Don't take the reviews seriously, the person who reviewed the video is probably trolling (like me!)

Also, The PRO contest requires that videos have to premiere at their contest first before another con or being released online. A lot of people spend time making sure that all the videos haven't been released to other cons or on the internet first. Reporting videos like that does not belong here. That kind of outing is not what this thread is about. If you find one, just e-mail Jingoro with the video info and where you found it online. It'll get handled by the AWA VAT staff.

The point of these reviews is to share our thoughts, let others see what people said about their video. (good or bad, and believe me I've wanted to murder some reviewers :P ) Try and be creative with your reviews to win the coveted "self-proclaimed winner of the thread" award. But most of all, have fun with your review.
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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Rider4Z » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:09 pm

Spoiler :

Holy shit dude I hope your insurance isn't giving you the run around! :shock:

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby SailorDeath » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:21 pm

So far so good, they got the lights on in the house today but none of the outlets are working at the moment
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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby MycathatesyouAMV » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:56 pm

I made everything and it all sux.
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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby PieandBeer » Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:30 am

Image preemptively posting this. directed at all y'all.

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Rider4Z » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:14 pm


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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby SailorDeath » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:43 pm

Rider4Z wrote:

Holy shit dude I hope your insurance isn't giving you the run around! :shock:

more like
Spoiler :
Gimme a minute, I'll make a cool one....

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Rider4Z » Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:31 am

I spy some trolls.... :awesome:

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby PieandBeer » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:27 pm

me trying to review these vids i just love all of them ;A;
ill have mine up soon tho +_+

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby King Redeem » Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:30 pm

AWA Pro online viewing this year:

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Rider4Z » Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:02 pm


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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Rider4Z » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:12 pm

Here're my obligatory reviews. Most are short cuz leaving detailed critiques take a lot of time and energy and I don't know how many people actually read them. So if you want a detailed critique from me send me a pm after voting is closed and I'll let you know what I think in constructive fashion. Props to ya'll taking your time right now.

In the meantime, enter at your own risk. Comments may be blunt, rude and dream crushing.
Spoiler :
004 - musical - great vid but feels short, ends abruptly.
017 - trailer, comedy - hysterical match, nice work
029 - sentimental - really great editing skill. well done showcasing the animation, sentimentality is lost tho but that's the nature of making an amv out of this movie.
035 - live action - great mood, love the song choice. never seen the movie.
044 - editing is fantastic, combo is boring and outdated
099 - action - don't get it. no cohesiveness between series'.
114 - trailer - combination feels a little forced but still works
115 - boooorrrrrriiiiiiinnnnng couldn't finish
138 - romance - don't get the point, technicals are just fine
162 - horror - i'm still partial to warlike swans under the granite wall, but this one works too. ends suddenly tho.
167 - gmv - heard the frame is part of the game. that's unfortunate. at least you attempted to break that plain a few times.
168 - upbeat - cute, the intro doesn't really fit the rest of the vid tho
188 - trailer - clever combo. really disappointed "I'm not a leader" wasn't lip synced.
201 - parody - really good job cutting the audio, only needs some tweaking at "Fools said I you do not know" because of the dramatic increase in volume.
234 - musical, romance - well made, end of the song doesn't resolve tho so it feels unfinished...
267 - parody, technical - that's dedication.
280 - comedy - not enough memes. catchy song tho
302 - sentimental, character profile - sources are a good match but storytelling could have been a lot stronger. last shot lasts way too long.
313 - parody, horror - so that happened
360 - live action, character profile, drama - audio transitions in the beginning are a bit rough, good storytelling
380 - live action, parody, comedy - :awesome:
381 - upbeat, dance, sentimental - cute potential, energy of the visuals is weaker than the song. needs more oomph
387 - fun, comedy - awesome intro. work on the audio cut at 1:04
397 - action - great action vid. i'm not into cars but i liked this.
401 - action - video quality is unfortunate. audio cut at 0:18? too much going on
412 - live action, drama, artistic - i don't have a clue what's going on but this is a treat to watch and listen to.
430 - upbeat, fun - first non-serious mob psycho vid i've seen.
433 - action - feels like a beta/first cut technically speaking. needs a bit more flow and movement, combo and scene selection feels great.
452 - drama - video quality, specifically fma is very poor. aot and fma visually don't go together.
455 - joke fell flat. punch line needs better execution.
467 - horror, drama - intriguing. last 20-30 seconds had too much story left, and the very end confused me. i dig the cover.
469 - romance, drama - added audio clips need work. jarring as is. don't find the ending scene necessary in the least.
479 - drama - great mood/song. held my attention whole video, story lost me towards the end.
494 - live action, drama, action - would have enjoyed this video a lot more if it didn't end with the main character's abrupt failure.
516 - comedy - best video?
517 - action - my kind of action vid. only gripe is morgana's fight scene in the end feels a bit tacked on.
538 - action, technical - great technique. caught the mouse on screen a couple times tho.
539 - trailer - woof woof!
542 - drama, artistic - i've been told there's a lot of original masking. i don't really notice so good job.
558 - live action, action, fun, character profile - could be even MOAR over the top. great last shot (har har)
563 - romance - video/editing energy doesn't match song.
567 - sentimental - don't really get it. lip flap is distracting.
587 - drama, horror, musical - one of my favorites. it's not perfect but full of heart. thanks for not lip syncing.
591 - trailer, retro - great match, transition of energy in the middle feels rough.
600 - live action, parody? - is it supposed to be a parody of the mad max vid from a couple years ago? story had me for the first half, but the second half was a lot of the same thing.
609 - drama - i don't know the story so the sentimentality is lost on me. really good for a naruto video.
617 - live action, parody, comedy - brilliant
618 - sentimental - relationship between the two characters in a your name video is easily lost.
653 - action - great retro action vid, end feels abrupt.
656 - action, technical - really slick. never seen the series but this feels like a great tribute. volume levels a little low?
670 - character profile, sentimental - don't really get the connection between the video and the song.
675 - gmv - no clue
688 - romance, technical - very pretty. that pendulum tho...
690 - action, drama - this one's fantastic. i have no interest in the series but this is one of my faves.
725 - parody, comedy - kinda wish the pepsi can looked more "anime-ish" so it wasn't so obvious.
727 - musical - well... there you go.
766 - comedy - i've been trying to figure out who that voice sounds like, driving me nuts.
769 - drama - clean editing
773 - dunno what to categorize this as cuz i can't figure out the point. lip flap is really distracting.
774 - drama, technical - technically really sound.
789 - action, drama, character profile - Iron is like the AoT opening. works with any anime lol. this one's good.
790 - gmv, horror, action - solid edit.
800 - romance, technical - one of my favorites. super pretty.
802 - live action, fun, upbeat - kinda a hot mess but lots of fun.
806 - trailer - this trailer really makes me want to watch the new season.
850 - sentimental - aspect ratio off?
862 - musical, romance - cuteness overload
869 - upbeat - great tribute
882 - action, fun, upbeat - this was one of the vids where i saw the combo and i said "oh please don't suck" :up: good job. best voltron vid i've seen so far.
910 - character profile, comedy - lip sync needs a little tightening in some areas, needs a little more over-the-top-ness.
916 - trailer, horror - great trailer and blending of the original animation with the new.
940 - romance, sentimental - dawwwww romance <3
978 - action, character profile - i love modern takes on retro combos. this is great. if you get a hold of HD footage you should definitely upgrade this.
984 - really bad interlacing. the heck happened?
989 - don't get it. song is really upbeat but the visuals are... well madoka.

Btw, winner of this thread will be the one to make a custom gordon ramsay meme for each entry. :cupcake:

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Kireblue » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:31 pm

Took me literally a whole day to do, but I'm finally done with my reviews

Videos marked Orange are ones that I especially liked. Videos marked Green are the ones that I absolutely loved

Spoiler :
17R-004 - Defying Entropy - Christopher Fitzgerald - March of the Witch Hunters - Madoka Magica
Interesting source combination, and had good character assignments, but the video still felt like a reach in terms of believably.

17R-017 - Sausage Corps - Sausage Party - Trailer - Shingeki No Kyojin
Great combination, but the video takes too long to introduce any context of the world. Also could use stronger lip sync

17R-029 - Golden Days - Panic at the Disco - Golden Days - Kimi No Na Wa
Good representation of the move, but struggles to maintain the sync and pace that it established for itself in the beginning, and gradually became slower. Probably would have benefited for a less sync heavy song that doesn't demand as much from the climax.

17R-035 - Resting Place - Vertical Horizon - Prayer For an Innocent Man - The Book of Eli
Surprising song choice for the movie, but does a good job at changing the tone and narrative.

17R-044 - Our Swim Team is too Sexy - Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy – Free
Nice combo, but feels too long and outlives the joke. Would have benefited from the middle chorus being cut to avoid using less repetitive scenes of them just swimming and lack of direct lyric sync at the car part.

17R-099 - Sacrifice - Jetta, K Drew - I'd Love To Change the World, Circles – Various
Interesting way of using buildups and drops to change songs, but the video needed a lot more sync and faster paced action to keep up with intensity of the audio drops and digital sound effects.

17R-114 - Magic Seiya XXL - Warner Brothers - Trailer - Sailor Moon Stars
Surprisingly fantastic source combination with great character assignments. Wish the lip sync was tighter on a few lines though.

17R-115 - Leeway - To Rococo Rot - Die Dinge des Lebens - Pilot Candidate
Does a good job at finding scenes that flow well together and subtly sync to the song without ramping up the pace. But because of this, its very boring and has a hard time holding the viewer's interest.

17R-138 - Support Story - Lily Chou-Chou - Kaifuku Suru Kizu – Kizumonogatari
Video has a good pace, but doesn't do a good job at showing the context of what's going on. Also, the film effects feels very unnecessary (especially for the entire video).

17R-162 - Inky Indica - Johnny Hollow - Bloodsuckers - Over the Garden Wall
The tone of the song matches the source very well, but it doesn't feel very personal to the lyrics. Also, the ending felt a bit sudden and abrupt.

17R-167 - Best Protag - Killers, the - The Man - Persona 5
Would have benefited from more internal and movement sync to establish a stronger flow between scenes

17R-168 - Pastime Fantasy - Nano - Hysteria - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai
Very enjoyable source combination, but could have used more internal and movement sync. Also, the energy of the fight scene kept getting interrupted which broke the pace. Segmenting specific parts of the video for action scenes and others for silly fun scenes would have helped them both shine more.

17R-188 - Heartpiercer - Snowpiercer - Trailer - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
Great source combination, but the zombies feel out of place in the context of the trailer audio.

17R-201 - Toy That Killed, the - Disturbed - Sound of Silence, the - Lego Batman
Nice parody of “Joke that Killed”. But the live action scene does feel out of place a bit (despite being in the Lego movie).

17R-234 - That One Small Things - Sutton Foster, John Hickock - Small Umbrella in the Rain - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Interesting source combo that builds on real elements in the characters' relationship. But I personally had a hard time suspending my disbelief due to how well I know the anime and how much their personalities were changed (and almost completely swapped). I also feel that the lip sync needs to be improved at parts, added in at others, and sometimes taken out. If you want some more detailed feedback, feel free to message me after the contest is over.

17R-267 - A CB - Yoko Kanno - Tank – Archer
Great recreation of the cowboy bebop intro. I think that the joke text could have been funnier and more interesting though.

17R-280 - Dio's Memestravaganza - Lazy Town (feat. The Living Tombstone) - We Are Number One - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
The anime matches the feeling of the song really well, but the memes feel a bit pointless and irrelevant. Also, the text is too small and goes by too fast to read.

17R-302 - I'll Be Good - Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good - Koe no Katachi
This does a good job at portraying the anime, and the editing is pretty solid, but the beginning starting off with the balcony scene takes away the impact of the climax. Also, the text is a bit unnecessary, and you should avoid using text that doesn't strongly contrast the color of the footage on the screen. Lastly, you should typically avoid hard cutting to black (especially when the scene before it is bright or colorful)

17R-313 - Kyuzoo - Mike Diva - Kazoo Kid Trap (Original Mix) - Madoka Magica
I love the source combo, but I feel that the video could have used more movement sync and even weirder scenes from the show. If you put in the extra effort, I believe that this video could be phenomenal.

17R-360 - (The Right To) Bare Arms - Sabaton - The Ballad of Bull - Hacksaw Ridge
Nice tribute to the movie and the person it's based on.

17R-380 - (hashtag)TeamCap - Sabaton - To Hell and Back – Various
As a stand alone vid, the source combo doesn't feel very fitting or even ironically so. But as a parody, it was at least amusing.

17R-381 - Multifaceted Romance, a - Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance - Steven Universe
Very nice source combo, but instead of segmenting most of the video into 3 parts (one for each couple), I think that you could have interchanged between them and gradually showcase bits and pieces of each relationship throughout the video. Also, the end with Garnet and Pearl wasn't a very believable couple, and so it felt out of place.

17R-387 - Peacock - Katy Perry - Peacock – Various
Interesting combo, but I think that you could have just used the audio from the live action segment, and lip sync it to the anime characters for a better intro. Also, I feel that you sped up your clips too much and didn't carry over movement from scene to scene. A bigger focus on internal and movement sync would have helped your video maintain a better flow.

17R-397 - Chase - Linkin Park - Until It Breaks (Datsik Remix) – Various
Excellent sync and flow throughout the video. I was expecting just a little more from the drop though. And some scene variation (possibly some more footage of the drivers) would have made the race scenes in the climax pop more and feel less repetitive.

17R-401 - Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong (Tyler Clark Remix) – Various
There were a few moments in your video that had nice sync, but a lot of it felt too jumbled with way too many flashes and color effects. You should also be more selective about what anime you put together and try to use anime with scenes that are similar to each other. Lastly, if you don't have good quality footage for a show, you should avoid using it, and especially avoid combining it with shows that you do have high quality footage for.

17R-412 - Fallen Tree - Paper Kites, the - Willow Tree March - The Fall
This videos has excellent sync that really demonstrates the fundamentals of good editing and your level of skill as an editor. I'm not sure I fully understand the story, but it was a very enjoyable journey trying to figure it out. This video has made me very curious about the source and I'm now interested in watching it for myself.

17R-430 - 100% Salt - Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile - Mob Psycho 100
The sync and pace was really good, but the way you switched between characters felt a little weird sometimes, and none of them felt very personal to the song. Very interesting source combo though

17R-433 - Samurai Jack-Rainbow in the Dark - Dio - Rainbow in the Dark - Samurai Jack
This video would have greatly benefited from a lot more beat sync and possibly a audio cut if you didn't have a lot of footage to work with. It also takes way too long to introduce Jack as the singer of the song since he wasn't on screen for many of the first few lyrics.

17R-452 - Land of Confusion - Hidden Citizens - Land of Confusion - Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist
If you're going to make a AMV with 2 anime series, you need to pick shows that are either very similar, or complements each other in some way. The worlds of Attack on Titan and Full Metal Alchemist are just too different for the viewer to easily switch back and forth between them and their particular conflicts. Also, you should try to find higher quality footage to edit with. And if you're ripping your own DVDs for it, you should check out the guides on the forum on dealing with interlacing.

17R-455 - Linkin Park DBZ - Linkin Park - In the End - Dragonball Z
I'm not really sure what your intentions are with this video. If it was meant to be a joke, you need to throw in a bigger twist or punchline than the teddy bear scenes in the beginning. If its meant to be a serious tribute, then you'd need to put in a whole lot more time and effort to make a interesting DBZ Linkin Park video.

17R-467 - What a Wicked Game - Ursine Vulpine (feat. Annaca) - Wicked Game - Sankarea - Undying Love
Excellent source combination that made me remember how badly I want a second season of the anime. You also did a good job at creating the mood of the video, but some more movement sync could have helped your scenes flow better. Using more ken burns (gradual pan in or outs) would have also helped the flow from some of your more static/ stationary scenes.

17R-469 - [ LOVE ] - Martin Garrix (feat. Bebe Rhexa) - In The Name of Love - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
The source combo was interesting, but this video needed a lot more movement sync to keep pace with the song and maintain flow between scenes.

17R-479 - Bottom of the River - Delta Rae - Bottom of the River - 91 Days
I think the video would have started better if you had actually showed the shooting taking place or possibly just the initial conflict. Also, some of your crossfades and fades to black felt a bit jarring. But the source combo was very good, and I think that the video has a lot of potential if you polish the editing, increase the pace of the climax, and really hammer in the beats of the song. And if you're short on footage, Baccano has a almost identical animation style that can sparingly be used as supplementary scenes. If you want some more detailed feedback, feel free to message me after the contest is over.

17R-494 - Butterfly, the - Nova - Kyabe Knights - 100, the
I wish that you had used more scenes that provided context to the story. I couldn't really figure out what was going on, and I don't think that your song choice really did you any favors either. Its lack of lyrics required that the viewer follow the story without any additional explanation (and that can be really hard for someone like me that's unfamiliar with the source).

17R-516 - One Trick Pony 3 (Outstaged) - Tom and Jerry - Soundtrack - Your Lie in April, Tom and Jerry
Since all of Tom and Jerry is available on DVD, you should have gotten higher quality footage for it that doesn't have frame blending. Also, if you had put in a little more effort, this could have been a genuinely good video. But even as a low effort troll video, it was still pretty amusing.

17R-517 - Halharl Aihtikak - Imagine Dragons - Friction – Various
More movement sync for the slower parts in the first half of the video would have greatly improved the flow between scenes. The sync and flow in the second half was a lot better though. I was surprised at how big of a jump the editing in the 2nd half was compared to the 1st half.

17R-538 - We Are Overwatch - One OK Rock - We Are – Overwatch
The source combo felt pretty good, and the editing was fantastic. I wasn't a fan of the pose montage footage in the beginning though. Also, the change in animation at the end was too abrupt, and the video probably can survive without it.

17R-539 - Night Walker - Black Panther - Trailer - Princess Mononoke
The source combo was pretty good, but I wish you could have pulled just a little bit more out of it. You still did a pretty good job at making it work though.

17R-542 - Diegesis - Duologue - Machine Stop – Erased
The editing was pretty good but I think that you could have given just a little stronger focus on clearly portraying the story and series of events.

17R-558 - Playing Dead - Royal Republic - People Say That I'm Over The Top – Deadpool
The source combo is really good, but the scenes feel a bit too out of order, and the song outpaces the scenes pretty frequently. I think this video would have been really amazing if you had waited for the 2nd movie to come out and had more footage to work with.

17R-563 - Never Back Down - NSYNC - It's Gonna Be Me - Yuri Kuma Arashi
Hearing a boy band song for a yuri anime AMV made it a bit hard to suspend my disbelief, but when I really listened to the lyrics, I could see how strong the connection was. But there were a lot of parts in the video where it wasn't clear which girl the song's perspective was from.

17R-567 - Dear Future Me - Echosmith - Future Me – Orange
The source combo feels like it has a lot of potential, but a lot of the scenes lingered way too long and were really static/ stationary. Cutting the duration of your scenes in half, increasing the pace, and adding in ken burns (gradual pan ins or outs for stationary scenes) would allow you to show even more of their relationship and establish a smother visual flow for your video.

17R-587 - Shadows of Vanity - Ralph Fiennes, Amick Byram - Plagues, the - Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
Audio volume was really low, and the source pairing was a pretty big stretch (although I do see the connections). It was also unclear sometimes who the song's perspective was from due to the lack of lip sync at key parts.

17R-591 - Top Gun - Top Gun - Trailer - Macross Plus
The audio cuts were a bit jarring and made the video feel like less of a trailer and more of a compilation of clips. I'm assuming that you put the audio together yourself, and so I think that using the real trailer would have made the audio feel smother. And if this was the real trailer audio, I think that using a different one would have been better. In terms of the video editing, I don't really have any complaints besides the lip sync scenes needing some ken burns (gradual pan ins or outs for stationary scenes)

17R-600 - Supersonic Rush - Pendulum - Granite – Firefox
The video takes too long to show any fast paced or action scenes, and when it does they don't really sync or match the pace of the song. Picking something slower would have probably been better.

17R-609 - Finally Breaking - RED - Buried Beneath – Naruto
Focusing a little more on movement and internal sync would have probably helped a lot of your scenes flow better. Also, I think that showing some more context scenes for why Obito betrayed the leaf village and the events that led up to it would have made the video feel a lot more personal to him.

17R-617 - Maiming Something Beautiful - NeedToBreathe - Something Beautiful - Friday The 13th, Crystal Lake Memories
Nice parody of a parody of a parody. But I wish that you had done something a little unique to stand out from the “Destroying Something Beautiful” parody by TritioAFB.

17R-618 - Awakening - Mae - Awakening - Kimi no Na wa
Of all the videos that I've seen to this source, this AMV is probably my favorite. I love how simplistic yet very effective your editing was in this. You created your own pace, stuck with it, gave it a little extra kick during the climax, and portrayed the movie beautifully. I also love how you saved some of the really good Opening scenes for the finale to end strong. Excellent job

17R-653 - 2006 AD - Incubus - Rogues - Iria-Zeiram the Animation
Truly magnificent sync and editing from an extremely old source. This video shows complete and utter mastery of the fundamentals of good video editing. I'm truly shocked that such a well edited and fast paced video could be produced from this anime, and I think you just moved it onto my watchlist.

17R-656 - Plus Ultra - J2, Chroma Music - Heroes Will Rise - My Hero Academia
Audio is low, but the source combo is great. The editing was also very well done. I just wish it was a bit longer.

17R-670 - This Musical Saved My Life - Simple Plan - This Song Saved My Life - Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda
The aspect ratio of your footage looks stretched and I don't really feel a strong connection to the chorus of the song and a few specific lyrics.

17R-675 - Emerald Hill Zone-Act 1 - Sonic the Hedgehog - Various – Various
I'm not really sure what to say about this or what standards to judge this by.

17R-688 - Apricity - Revive - Blink – Hyouka
The editing, flow, and pace in this was really well done, but your scenes didn't really have any substance. You kinda just showcased pretty scenes of the characters looking at each other and nothing that really showed their relationship, individual personalities, or why they like each other.

17R-690 - Combat Harness - NF (feat. Britt Nicole) - Can You Hold Me – Gundam
The editing was really good (especially during the climax), but the sync could have been varied a bit more in the beginning. I also feel that the video didn't focus hard enough on the 2 main characters during the slow parts, and so the song's lyrics didn't really feel very personal to them.

17R-725 - thirsty - Pepsi - Commercial - Yurikuma Arashi
My love of YuriKuma makes me appreciate this pairing.

17R-727 - Reveille - Irving Berlin - Oh How I Hate To Get Up In the Morning – Momotaro
Very fitting pairing that feels like a genuine Warner brothers or MGM cartoon short.

17R-766 - Goop Troop - Jaboody Dubs - Sticky Buddy - Various (ADULT)
I can't even imagine what the original source could be, but Monster Musume was a absolutely perfect fit for it. You did a good job adding in comedic value and not just coasting the audio.

17R-769 - Pending... - Lorde - Sober - Death Parade...
The editing was nice, but I feel that the song only really connected to the first couple. And after you moved away from them, the song felt disconnected for everyone else. I also feel that you shouldn't have isolated the first couple from the everything else in the video. Segmenting the first 1/3 of the video to 1 couple made it weird when you suddenly introduced a dozen new characters.

17R-773 - Stop Your Crying, Banri - Lake Street Dive - Stop Your Crying - Golden Time
Your scenes linger for way too long, and the song doesn't feel very personal or relevant to the main character or the events happening.

17R-774 - Don't Trust Me - Direct (feat. Mr. FijiWiji, Holly Drummond) - Trust In Me - Fate Stay Night
The mood was pretty good, and the editing was solid, but the song didn't really feel that strongly connected to the events happening in the video half of the time. I also feel that the video didn't really try to provide context for why things were happening.

17R-789 - The Devil of Fate - Woodkid - Iron - Saga of Tanya the Evil
The editing was nice, and I see that you tried to showcase the story of the anime, but I don't feel that you gave enough focus to providing context. Someone that hasn't seen the anime probably wouldn't be able to piece together the sequence of events and how they're related to each other.

17R-790 - False Shepherd - Astronautalis - The River, The Woods - Bioshock Infinite
Very good sync and editing. I wasn't really able to understand anything about what's happening, but the video definitely made me interested in playing the game to find out.

17R-800 - Twin Blades - Regina Spektor - While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Katanagatari
This video has very exceptional flow and editing that made me interested in watching the anime.

17R-802 - Modern Marvels - Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang – Various
Interesting combo, but the behind the scenes shots felt out of place due to how out of character they were. I like the idea though

17R-806 - Samurai Jack Fury Road - Fury Road - Trailer - Samurai Jack
Was surprised at the combo, and never would have thought of it, but you made it work amazingly. I think that the font on some of your title screens could have been a little smaller though.

17R-850 - Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin - Salvation - The Little Prince
The editing and overall mood of the video were both really good. The lyrics of the song that specifically mention “falling for you” kinda paint a different type of relationship than what you were going for, but it didn't really distract too much from the video.

17R-862 - Clover by Clover - Kevin Chamberlin, Janine LaManna - Notice Me, Horton - Princess Tutu
I love the source combo, but I feel that the video shows too much of the characters being together considering that the song is implying that he's ignoring or is oblivious to her. Also, I really don't get what the counting scene is supposed to mean. Lastly, Princess Tutu just came out on blu ray, so you should consider upgrading your footage before you release this.

17R-869 - Toy Pokemon - Marianas Trench - Toy Soldiers – Pokemon
The editing and transitions were really nice. My only complaint is that some of the older Pokemon footage looked a bit washed out and off color. This could probably be helped with some color correction.

17R-882 - QUIZNAK - Queen - Don't Stop Me Now - Voltron Legendary Defender
Editing was really good, and the slightly over the top lyric sync was pretty enjoyable to watch.

17R-910 - Hero of Spiral - Star Bomb - Hero of Rhyme - Gurren Lagann
Combo is interesting, but you did too much lip sync and didn't show enough visuals of some of the lyrics.

17R-916 - Stranger Impact 2 - Stranger Things 2 - Trailer - Neon Genesis Evangelion
The sync is pretty good, but I don't really get the source combo or the context of what's happening.

17R-940 - Solar Blush - Axwell Ingrosso - Something New - Yona of the Dawn
Editing is nice, and the video does a good job at showing the relationship of the characters

17R-978 - Baseless - Cage the Elephant - Back Against the Wall – FLCL
The editing was really good and did a nice job at portraying the anime

17R-984 - Our Gospel - Panic at the Disco - This Is Gospel - Adolescence of Utena
The resolution of your footage should be 640x40 (not 720x480). Your footage also has interlacing that should be removed. The forums have guides that can help you with that. Lastly, you video could have used some more movement sync to help the scenes flow better and keep up with the pace of the song.

17R-989 - Under a Paper Moon - All Time Low - Under a Paper Moon - Madoka Magica
Interesting source combo, but it needed a much stronger focus on Homura's and Madoka's relationship to give more context to the lyrics of the song. A faster pace and shorter scenes would have also helped.

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby MaboroshiStudio » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:35 am

I would write reviews... but


oh yeah...





I have more important stuff I am dealing with right now / don't have the energy... but seriously I will be more than happy / love to chat with editors about their videos after the con. There were a lot of great AMVs this year and can't wait to find out who created what.
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