The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby shorisquared » Thu Sep 14, 2017 1:02 pm

Hi there! shori here. This is my third year participating in AWA Pro and I must say 2017 has been my favorite one so far just based on how amazing people did with their videos overall. I'm seriously impressed! I hope I can give all of you guys good constructive criticism! If you don't understand anything I'm trying to say in my review or would like to talk more about it in detail, feel free to message me!

ALSO, for those of you whose video I think is a super rare awesome chocolately fudge-coated mega super video, I'll give you a chibi Hitagi Senjougahara. I mean, just look at how freaking cute she is! She's wearing a crab hat for God's sake! Who wouldn't want that, haha?


But don't worry if you didn't get one though! I liked pretty much every video this year, haha. These are just my absolute favorites!

Spoiler :
17R-004 - Defying Entropy - Christopher Fitzgerald - March of the Witch Hunters - Madoka Magica
I totally see the combo you were going for! It makes perfect sense. I have no complaints whatsoever with the editing. It's done very nicely. I guess my biggest thing is the character assignments/who they voice. I've made videos in Pro before that had swapped voices (females speaking male audio, vice-versa) and I know people didn't like it. I didn't mind it too much for the video because it feels like it's just suppose to be for fun! But I just wanted to mention that to you for future videos that it's usually better to match voices to characters that would sound like that was their voice. It also ends a bit too short for me; please give me more!

17R-017 - Sausage Corps - Sausage Party - Trailer - Shingeki No Kyojin
I enjoyed the intro. It nicely set up the premise for later. The combo was just perfect! I was actually thinking of it myself, but it's nice seeing it come to life! Very funny. I would say the text/titles could use work because they just kind of look too much like standard template ones. Add some more flair to them to really get the trailer popping! Nice use of added horse sound effect. The lip sync overall could use some more work (but you did say it was rushed in the green screen, haha). And scene selection. The biggest one that stood out to me was the parts where Mikasa was talking about writing home. In the trailer audio, she sounds sad/upset, but you used scenes where she was happy. Sure, she was crying, but it was out of joy, which completely didn't make sense to the audio going on. Overall, a great trailer that will tickle the funny bones of con goers everywhere.

Image17R-029 - Golden Days - Panic at the Disco - Golden Days - Kimi No Na Wa
NOW THIS ONE took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to feel so good after watching it. Pacing felt really good. The scene selection changed at really crucial moments in the song, which really brought it all together. I haven't seen Your Name yet (I know, but don't hate me), but the way it was edited, I could follow the story flawlessly. Great editing all around. And now I have another Panic at the Disco song to listen to, haha. Thanks!

17R-035 - Resting Place - Vertical Horizon - Prayer For an Innocent Man - The Book of Eli
Oh man, Book of Eli. It's been so long since I've seen this. Was surprised someone used it, haha. Song works really for this source though. Sets up a great mood. I wasn't sure if the beginning scenes were darker for some reason or that's just how the movie was. I felt like the part where he died, I wasn't expecting it to happen so fast because I didn't see how? I guess I would have liked a little more build-up to that. Also, I just felt like I wanted to see more. Overall, good job.

17R-044 - Our Swim Team is too Sexy - Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy - Free
It seems like you were having a good time editing this! The literal sync was great (especially the hat and the cat parts near the end). I think the song could use some cutting to help make it drag less and a bit more streamlined. But still a fun video to watch!

17R-099 - Sacrifice - Jetta
So, overall, I think the action in this is great! Really keeps up with the song. There's only a few things I would try to fix. If you're able to get better quality footage, that'd be nice. I saw a few scenes that were noticeably sped up. I think the dupstep just dropped out of nowhere for me, but that's mostly the song's doing and not yours. Some scenes lingered a bit too long on scene/could use more cuts, but a solid video nonetheless.

17R-114 - Magic Seiya XXL - Warner Brothers - Trailer - Sailor Moon Stars
Good trailer. I think the text worked really well with the source. This combo was a really funny idea and I think you nailed what you were going for!

17R-115 - Leeway - To Rococo Rot - Die Dinge des Lebens - Pilot Candidate
First off, good on you for using the correct aspect ratio. There's some nice sync going on throughout the entire video. This song feels like something I'd put on in the background to study, which is nice. Even though this video wasn't exactly my cup of tea, it was just as soothing as one.

17R-138 - Support Story - Lily Chou-Chou - Kaifuku Suru Kizu - Kizumonogatari
Finally! Another fan of Kizumonogatari. Those movies are fantastic (probably my favorite anime trilogy ever)! Give Shaft money for a movie and they come back with an art museum. So good. I think the film effect you were using works really well with this source because of the colors that movie uses. However, that projector noise just kept getting drilled into my head. I wish that was a tad bit lower, but still there to have that effect. I thought it was really great for you to focus on Araragi's and Hanekawa's relationship in the movies. Hanekawa is just so great in the movies that it completely changed my opinion of her overall. I think this is a great romance that tells its story well, haha. (P.S. Talk more with me about Kizumonogatari. PLEASE!)

Image17R-162 - Inky Indica - Johnny Hollow - Bloodsuckers - Over the Garden Wall
This combo matches so well, it's scary! I loved how fitting everything was from the mood to the lyric sync. Also, those match cuts though! Woo! It ends a little abruptly for me, but that just means I wanted more. Thanks for introducing me to a new Halloween song. #2spooky4me

17R-167 - Best Protag - Killers, the - The Man - Persona 5
I have not played Persona yet, but these games have always looked stylish and interesting! The song is really good and works well. There's just nice sync (literal, lip, beat) throughout the whole video. It could use a bit more cuts at parts, but I think this is a great character profile to a great man!

17R-168 - Pastime Fantasy - Nano - Hysteria - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai
I think this is a cute idea. Liked the name sequence in the beginning. Feels like it could have been used as the intro to the show. I think less black fades would be nice. Oh! And some more motion/Ken Burns (gradual zooming in or out) for scenes. I also would have liked more cuts to help keep up with the fast pacing song. However, this video has a bunch of cute literal sync (like the wheel part) and I can appreciate that.

17R-188 - Heartpiercer - Snowpiercer - Trailer - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
First off, this combo is great. Probably one of the few combos that were made for each other. I think some more motion/Ken Burns (gradual zooming in or out) for scenes would be nice to keep the scenes from feeling too static. The action was on point though! The watermark near the end hurt me a little, but it's fixable. Also, I think you should create your own green screen (which is super easy by the way) and maybe try a different type of font/effect for the end title? Just to give your trailer a little bit more bite. But still a good trailer!

Image17R-201 - Toy That Killed, the - Disturbed - Sound of Silence, the - Lego Batman
And so begins the silent agreement among editors to create parodies of previous Pro videos. Question: was there an audio cut? Wasn't sure if I noticed it since I've listened to this song a lot. Otherwise, a perfect parody to help really flesh out Batman's character. I can't really say anymore except I hope this trend continues for future Pro contest, haha

17R-234 - That One Small Things - Sutton Foster, John Hickock - Small Umbrella in the Rain
This is a really cute idea. The pairing makes perfect sense. Sometimes, I don't think the lips needed to be synced. You could show what they're talking about and I think it would work. There are some lip flaps here and there and one really slowed down scene. But, overall, a good romance!

17R-267 - A CB - Yoko Kanno - Tank - Archer
A very nice idea. Loved the execution. I think some of the words are spaced oddly? Unless that's just how it was in the original. Also, wonderful work on the color choices. They were excellent.

17R-280 - Dio's Memestravaganza - Lazy Town (feat. The Living Tombstone)
The memes are extreme (in a good way). I think there's one part where there's a change in who's talking and that threw me off. But besides that, the video does exactly what it was made for and I appreciate that.

17R-302 - I'll Be Good - Jaymes Young - I'll Be Good - Koe no Katachi
Song seems to really match the source and it creates a great mood. I'm not a big fan of the text because I think it's distracting and I think you can express what you need to through the editing. I also think you should try partial fades to black vs. regular fades to black so it isn't jarring on the eyes (especially if you use a lot of them). I'd suggest not lingering too much on the end scene or fading out faster. The second half of this video really picks up and gets going and I enjoyed that.

Image17R-313 - Kyuzoo - Mike Diva - Kazoo Kid Trap (Original Mix) - Madoka Magica
Hands down one of the BEST Madoka videos I have ever seen. The sync and scene selection are both on point. Also, props on incorporating the scumbag meme and the plethora of kazoos. Really tied everything together for a video I'll never forget.

Image17R-360 - (The Right To) Bare Arms - Sabaton - The Ballad of Bull - Hacksaw Ridge
Really liked the intro. Gives you a great starting point and context on what the video is all about. It seems like the source and song were made for each other. Story was really easy to follow. Great editing. Good job.

17R-380 - (hashtag)TeamCap - Sabaton - To Hell and Back - Various
Again, another great parody. I don't think it quite fits as well as how Captain America did, but it's still good. Love the B-roll footage.

17R-381 - Multifaceted Romance, a - Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance - Steven Universe
I see what you were doing with this combo. I think it could use some more motion/Ken Burns (gradual zooming in or out of scenes) to help keep the video from staying still since it's an upbeat song and should keep on moving throughout. The lyric syncs were really cute!

17R-387 - Peacock - Katy Perry - Peacock - Various
I thought the intro was very funny and fitting. Video goes in, does the fun things it wants, and comes back. Simple and clean-cut as that.

17R-397 - Chase - Linkin Park - Until It Breaks (Datsik Remix) - Various
The cars look so good, I thought they were real for a second, haha. You did a great job making this a surprising yet entertaining video. I wish there were a bit more beat flashes since there are plenty to hit in the song, but that's my biggest complaint. Nice job.

17R-401 - Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong (Tyler Clark Remix) - Various
Is there an effect/filter that's making the footage look that way? I wasn't sure. If not, you could try and get better quality video to really help. I would also either like an epilepsy warning or just take out that part because I don't think it's necessary to the video. I think once the video picks up though, it really gets going.

Image17R-412 - Fallen Tree - Paper Kites, the - Willow Tree March - The Fall
Now this is art. I had no idea on what the source was, but this video makes me wanna watch it real bad (especially since Lee Pace is in it). The storytelling was amazing and the colors were spectacular. The part where it was dolls really tripped me up in a good way because it was fantastically put together. Great editing all around.

17R-430 - 100% Salt - Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile - Mob Psycho 100
A very fun and colorful character profile. Great editing. Good scene selections. This is one of those AMVs that really makes me want to watch the anime. Thanks for that!

17R-433 - Samurai Jack-Rainbow in the Dark - Dio - Rainbow in the Dark - Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack! This looks like a fun source to edit. I think you needed more motion in scenes especially if you linger on them. Some parts felt noticeably sped up, which I think you could fix by just putting more cuts in. There were some nice sync throughout. Kind of wish the last battle didn't last as long and kept up the variety of earlier. Still, awesome character profile on the wandering Samurai.

17R-452 - Land of Confusion - Hidden Citizens - Land of Confusion - Attack on Titan, Fullmetal Alchemist
Ah. Nice combo of these two sources. Seems like they'd mix well. I think the quality of the footage looks blocky? Might be worth looking into better quality footage if you can. There was some lip flap (lips/mouth moving when no voice/audio is being synced to it) here and there and I think there could have been more dramatic action scenes to really get this video running. But a good combo still.

17R-455 - Linkin Park DBZ - Linkin Park - In the End - Dragonball Z
I loved how this began with the cute animals to Linkin Park. Classic. Not sure what the joke is, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

17R-467 - What a Wicked Game - Ursine Vulpine (feat. Annaca) - Wicked Game - Sankarea - Undying Love
Creepy atmosphere. I think more hardcuts would have been better than the multiple quick crossfades. Ken Burns (gradual zooming in or out of scenes) would have been nice to see to keep the video from being slow. I think sometimes the tone of the song would change to something dramatic, but the scenes didn't change along with it. But, again, this anime ,in my opinion, is really tough to edit, so props for using it.

17R-469 - [ LOVE ] - Martin Garrix (feat. Bebe Rhexa) - In The Name of Love - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
So, first off, I am very guilty of loving this song. It's just really infectious to listen to. Love what you were doing with this combo. I think there were a few noticeably slowed down scenes that weren't necessary. The random audio/screams from the anime kind of startled me. There were also some lips flaps (where the mouth/lips are moving, but not being synced to anyone talking/singing) here and there. I also thought some of the flashes were a bit too strong and could be toned down a little. However, the buildup in the video was great and paid off. Good job.

17R-479 - Bottom of the River - Delta Rae - Bottom of the River - 91 Days
I think you did a good job matching the source to the song. Felt like the right mood.

Image17R-494 - Butterfly, the - Nova - Kyabe Knights - 100, the
What an interesting source! I think the mood change from doe-eyed babies to hardcore warriors was great. The story was very engaging and easy to follow. My biggest thing is I wish it had more action going on especially for this kind of song. But, overall, good job. Will have to check out the show.

17R-516 - One Trick Pony 3 (Outstaged) - Tom and Jerry - Soundtrack - Your Lie in April, Tom and Jerry
This is a great finisher to an epic Pro trilogy. Bravo! Encore! I think the Tom and Jerry footage could have been better quality. Other than that, can't wait to see what follows this.

17R-517 - Halharl Aihtikak - Imagine Dragons - Friction - Various
Oooooo. I liked this one a lot. Especially the song with how well it matches the source. I thought for a second it was a new Imagine Dragons song, but surprised to find out it's older. That means I need to check out that album, haha. I think some scenes could have used more motion to keep it from being still. And some scenes just didn't match the mood of the song to me. The comedy bit in the middle made me laugh though. Also, I think the action could be faster/there could be more cuts especially when the beat drops. Still, a solid action video nonetheless.

17R-538 - We Are Overwatch - One OK Rock - We Are - Overwatch
OBERWATCH! Overall, pretty nice. Lyrical sync is good. Source looks pretty. Sweet match cuts. The only thing that bothers me is how freaking long it takes for the logos to appear at the end. Speed that up please, haha.

17R-539 - Night Walker - Black Panther - Trailer - Princess Mononoke
Pairing is good. Mood is good. Dog bark is good. I think some of the sound effects didn't match the scenes that they were paired with. Also, if you gave that end title a little more flair, I think it'd really help elevate your trailer.

Image17R-542 - Diegesis - Duologue - Machine Stop - Erased
The color work in this video is AMAZING. Technical work is fantastic. The mood you set up is great. There's even scenes I don't even remember from this anime. Transitions were really smooth. Biggest thing is it ends a little abruptly for my taste, but besides that, GREAT JOB!

Image17R-558 - Playing Dead - Royal Republic - People Say That I'm Over The Top - Deadpool
I loved the literal sync in this one. Those were on point (literally!). I think some of the scenes could have been improved with a faster pacing to match the song speed. I also would have liked to have seen maybe a bit more of that end fight. However, the last montage shooting scene was really well done. A great contender for lots of categories. Good job!

17R-563 - Never Back Down - NSYNC - It's Gonna Be Me - Yuri Kuma Arashi
This anime just really confuses me, but I think that's the point, haha. There's some nice sync going on (like the bullet transition). I think some scenes could use more Ken Burns (gradually zooming in or out of scenes) to keep it from being static. Love the song choice. Bring back the 90s! Also, I think I figured out the story by the end, so great job!

17R-567 - Dear Future Me - Echosmith - Future Me - Orange
Never seen this anime, but mood seems to really fit. I think some scenes could use more Ken Burns (gradually zooming in or out of scenes) to keep it from being static. Some lip flap (moving of lips/mouth when there's no sound/audio to sync to) throughout. Also, I wasn't super crazy about some of the transitions like that one blur. But still, good combo.

17R-587 - Shadows of Vanity - Ralph Fiennes, Amick Byram - Plagues, the - Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
This combo really took me by surprise. There's a lot of good editing going on. I was a little confused by the story because I don't think the second brother sings until near the very end. Also, I had to suspend my disbelief to not be bothered by the female singing one of the male parts in a song about two brothers. But I see the connection. Overall, good job.

17R-591 - Top Gun - Top Gun - Trailer - Macross Plus
Lip sync is obviously great. Not sure if audio is handpicked by editor or is actually from the trailer. Nice pairing. Solid video overall.

17R-600 - Supersonic Rush - Pendulum - Granite - Firefox
I thought at first glance at the video source it was gonna be about the internet browser, haha. What a ride that would have been. But this is just as crazy. I think I would love some cuts for when the beat dropped. It's hard for me to tell which parts were just straight from the film and which were editing. Seems like a good pairing though. I should check out the movie. Thanks!

17R-609 - Finally Breaking - RED - Buried Beneath - Naruto
I think the quality of the footage could be better. BUT, that being said, I can feel the heart you put in this video and it's wonderful. There's some lip flap (moving lips/mouth not synced to any voices/audio) that could be fixed. The storytelling was really great though!

Image17R-617 - Maiming Something Beautiful - NeedToBreathe - Something Beautiful - Friday The 13th, Crystal Lake Memories
What is this?! A wonderful year for parodies? And to my understanding, this one is the parody of a parody of a parody? #2deep4me Literal sync galore in this video. It's just something that is really surprising and hauntingly beautiful. Hopefully, someone goes even deeper down the rabbit hole next year.

17R-618 - Awakening - Mae - Awakening - Kimi no Na wa
More Your Name. Nice. I really enjoyed your partial fade to blacks. Really well used. Song is a little slow for me, but picks up later. Good job.

Image17R-653 - 2006 AD - Incubus - Rogues - Iria-Zeiram the Animation
Oh wow! What a nice surprise. Great sync. The editor clearly knows what they are doing. Correct aspect ratio is always good. All the action is very engaging it's shocking. Makes me want to watch the source even though I tend to shy away from older ones. You got me. Excellent job!

17R-656 - Plus Ultra - J2, Chroma Music - Heroes Will Rise - My Hero Academia
A really different approach to My Hero Academia, but a welcomed change. I think the audio is a little low throughout. And by the time it gets to the end, I just want more. But seriously, really beautifully edited.

17R-670 - This Musical Saved My Life - Simple Plan - This Song Saved My Life - Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda
Felt the combo was super fitting, I think the quality could have better. Also, is the aspect ratio off? I'm not 100% sure. BUT MOSTLY I wanna know more about the egg. Please tell me your secrets. It made me feel things. Good job.

Image17R-675 - Emerald Hill Zone-Act 1 - Sonic the Hedgehog - Various - Various
I freaking loved this one. Wasn't sure what I was expecting, but when it hit, it hit me hard. Love the character changes and sound sync. Great job!

17R-688 - Apricity - Revive - Blink - Hyouka
This seems like a really pretty source to edit with and you made it work. I don't think you should focus on that clock pendulum so much. Overall, no other real complaints here. Good job.

Image17R-690 - Combat Harness - NF (feat. Britt Nicole) - Can You Hold Me - Gundam
The more I watch this video, the better it gets. Great sync. Amazing looking quality. Story is very understandable. You got me hooked. Congrats!

17R-725 - thirsty - Pepsi - Commercial - Yurikuma Arashi
I hate Pepsi, but I love this video. The shedding part killed me. Quality memeing all around.

Image17R-727 - Reveille - Irving Berlin - Oh How I Hate To Get Up In the Morning - Momotaro
This fits eerily together so well. You sure this wasn't the pairing before you edited, haha? Like, how did you find this and such good quality? Also, why tease the knife when THEY DON'T STAB POPEYE?! My biggest complaint is that, but still an amazing video.

Image17R-766 - Goop Troop - Jaboody Dubs - Sticky Buddy - Various (ADULT)
Super clean editing on this. Not only does it look good, but it's freaking hilarious as well. Memes were extreme and lip sync was good. Text work was on point too. Tits! Only complaint I have is I kind of wish they included the Transformers audio because there's all this action going on in that one scene, but it's too quiet. Overall, GOOD JOB!

17R-769 - Pending... - Lorde - Sober - Death Parade…
Really good editing in this video. Great partial fade to black transitions. Excellent scene selection to match the mood. Felt the first couple got a lot of focus in the first minute, so would like either more variety in the beginning or just focus on them. Like the song a lot too. Nice work.

17R-773 - Stop Your Crying, Banri - Lake Street Dive - Stop Your Crying - Golden Time
Seems like a nice upbeat video. There's some lip flap (moving of lips/mouth that aren't sync to any voice/audio) throughout that could be fixed. It could also use some more motion/Ken Burns (gradual zooming in or out of scenes) to keep it from being too standstill at lots of points. Dude's gotta stop his crying at some point, haha. Good job.

17R-774 - Don't Trust Me - Direct (feat. Mr. FijiWiji, Holly Drummond) - Trust In Me - Fate Stay Night
I think the footage is really pretty for this video. And the editing is pretty clean. However, I think the focus of the story is all over the place, so I would love it to kind of focus on one person/thing. Otherwise, love the song choice/combo.

17R-789 - The Devil of Fate - Woodkid - Iron - Saga of Tanya the Evil
The quality of this video is really nice. I think I saw some scenes that were a bit too sped up for my taste. I like the use of the one effect that makes it look like a map. I wish the anime didn't have the whole different world aspect, so you weren't obligated to use the business world/regular world in the video. But nice job overall.

Image17R-790 - False Shepherd - Astronautalis - The River, The Woods - Bioshock Infinite
Bioshock Infinite is one of my favorite games EVER, so this was a nice surprise! Transitions especially in the beginning were lovely. Scene selections were on point. Song matches well with source. Some of the footage looked a little iffy, but I'd blame the game rather than the editor. Great job!

Image17R-800 - Twin Blades - Regina Spektor - While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Katanagatari
HOT DAMN! This video is as smooth as butter. Clean editing, high quality footage, great silky transitions, use of light leaks was nice, and this video for certain makes me want to watch the anime! Thank you!

Image17R-802 - Modern Marvels - Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang - Various
I just love how much fun this one was. Upbeat to Marvel movies? Who would have figured? Love the literal sync, I mean the sync in general is just great. Scene selections were fantastic. I think you could have used more Spiderman footage if you were gonna include because everyone else got much more screen time. But, that Spiderman Homecoming footage was kind of lower quality, so it's understandable why you didn't. Also, the action scenes didn't really seem to match the upbeat/carefree vibe you established throughout the rest of the video. But mostly, thanks for making a video with a good country song. The ending was cute as well!

Image17R-806 - Samurai Jack Fury Road - Fury Road - Trailer - Samurai Jack
Oh my goodness...the audio sync was AMAZING! There were so many parts where it was just perfect. Also, the scene selection was great (especially the variety of colors used). I also appreciated the font matching the source material font. Shows you have a good eye for that. Very strong trailer.

Image17R-850 - Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin - Salvation - The Little Prince Didn't expect this. This hurts my heart in a good way. I think there's some issue with the source footage at some parts, but it's not too bad. Congrats on telling a wonderful story and making me FEEL THINGS.

17R-862 - Clover by Clover - Kevin Chamberlin, Janine LaManna - Notice Me, Horton - Princess Tutu
Really cute idea. I think musicals are difficult to edit because it's mostly singing/dialogue, which makes you want to focus on lip sync. While this is important, I don't think you should focus on them talking too much. Just a little and use more scenes about what they are describing to keep it interesting. Otherwise, good job!

17R-869 - Toy Pokemon - Marianas Trench - Toy Soldiers - Pokemon
This video really kept up with the pace of the song. Props on using Pokemon (which spans many sources) and making the different kinds of footage work together. I would like that black space in the beginning to be filled with something though. Also, the slowed down Mewtwo part in the Charizard battle was noticeable. Ends a bit abruptly for my taste, but good job for the whole thing.

17R-882 - QUIZNAK - Queen - Don't Stop Me Now - Voltron Legendary Defender
Nice sync all around. I wish there was more scenes with the pilots doing things though and less on the lions. The jokes were cute for those who've seen the show. Excellent job.

17R-910 - Hero of Spiral - Star Bomb - Hero of Rhyme - Gurren Lagann
Like the idea a lot. Was actually gonna edit this song too at some point. I think it could use more motion/Ken Burns (gradual zooming in or out of scenes) especially during the talking scenes to make it less static. When I make cuts in between scenes, I try to avoid leaving a black space there because it's jarring to the viewer. Have the footage be touching back to back on the timeline. You had very fitting scene selections though. Also, if you could extend the audio just a bit more, I think it would work fantastic.

Image17R-916 - Stranger Impact 2 - Stranger Things 2 - Trailer - Neon Genesis Evangelion
Love, love, LOVE the mixture of different kinds of source footage for each main part of your vid. Really worked fantastic. Sync is great. Action is great. Text was tight. Good scene selection. It's just really unfair you get a trailer with Thriller AND the part where Vincent Price is narrating. I HATE YOU, haha. (jk)

17R-940 - Solar Blush - Axwell Ingrosso - Something New - Yona of the Dawn
Very cute video. Love that hamster? Action was good. Upbeat feels.

Image17R-978 - Baseless - Cage the Elephant - Back Against the Wall - FLCL
This editor knows exactly what they're doing. Good scene selections. Great song. Godly transitions you wouldn't know be possible in this older footage. Awesome action. Sync is A+. Music volume line thing overlay was a nice touch. Correct aspect ratio. Cute ending.

Image17R-984 - Our Gospel - Panic at the Disco - This Is Gospel - Adolescence of Utena
I love this song! So glad we got two amazing Panic at the Disco songs for Pro this year. This combo works so well, it's criminal. Sync and scene selection is good. I really wish the footage/encoding/aspect ratio? wasn't as messed up as it was or else this would just blow my mind. Still amazing regardless.

17R-989 - Under a Paper Moon - All Time Low - Under a Paper Moon - Madoka Magica
Source is of nice quality. Audio is a little too low (ha, I just realized a joke with that sentence relating to your music...anyways...). Some lip flap (moving of lips/mouth not synced to a voice/audio) here and there. Some nice literal sync (i.e. cellophane soldiers). Good job overall.

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Pysh » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:16 pm

I didn't plan on posting reviews in this format but due to time and all, I thought it would be better to just put it this way. I actually took notes while rewatching the videos and wrote them down properly as below just last night and looking back at 'em some reviews may seem to be negative but know that it's just me, how I felt about it. It may be that it just wasn't my taste, it didn't set the mood for me or I just don't get it, so don't take 'em too seriously. I just hope You take 'em in a way it'd be helpful.

I've marked some specific videos as favorite but that doesn't mean I didn't like others that much. To be honest, there were a lot of videos that were surprisingly good and enjoyable. There were videos based on really nice ideas, some had a really nice combination, and most of the videos had a lot of potential.
Spoiler :
-well set to the song
-theme was appealing
-rough transitions at some points
-could have improved the flow

-nice timing
-crazy as movie
-mikasa parts were really funny
-i know why it's written as 'coming never' but i think 'never coming' would have been appropriate

-good attempt using song
-followed movie's story instead of song lyric, so it kinda loses me at some points
-at first watch i didn't find it fitting to the song, mostly, mabe 'cause i saw it after the other video on same source but the more i see this video, it feels better.
-still, i didn't connect much to this video

-could have been better
-timing was wrong
-fades didn't fit
-scene length ?
-doen't give the feel

-fine sync
-feels rough
-girl's reaction scenes kinda felt overused, unecessary
-overall it's O.K.
-not that sexy

-should have caught the beats
-timing was off
-scene selection ?
-intensity of the video and song doesn't match
-scene length ?

-good timing
-nice sync
-well made trailer

-scenes play well along with the music
-it was like getting lost into it
-doesn't set the mood as it's
-too long
-kinda dark and slow

-nice way of presention
-sets nice mood just following the scenes of them both.
-doesen't convey the narrative

-timing is good
-not appealing
-too long to hold onto with that pace

-should have been just an opening
-It's kind of appealing in a way
-there's no structure or story to the video
-action,comedy, & drama is mixed which
-seems random

-nice attempt
-crossfades didn't feel right
-unecessary scenes with lip movements
-sync was off sometimes
-timing could have been better

-nice intro
-well structured
-song fits well with the theme

-didn't find it appealing in first watch but quiet enjoyable on watching it again
-can be described as crazy experimental video
-some memes go unnoticed due to fast pace at the time

-the sucide scene is very well used through the video
-nice idea & scene selection
-didn't like the font, filter and ending
-could have really turned out a good music video

313 Favorite
-a really nice experimental video
-nice sync
-very enjoyable

-nice song choice
-well presented
-didn't like crossfades used at some places but it was necessary at some points
-puts quiet an impact 'cause of song choice and fine sync

-scene selection could have been better
-intensity of song and video didn't match
-scenens felt quiet random
-In a way it was enjoyable due to nice sync at some points
-overall a fine music video considering it was a parody

-video should have followed song considering it's a dance video
-source seems odd for the song but still could have been better with good scene selection & flow
-video and audio intensity didn't match

-lip sync ?
-well made
-some unecessary scenes with lip movements
-for some reason it didn't leave any impact
-didn't make me laugh
-beginning scene didn't fit

-not really into cars but i enjoyed this
-nice sync
-kinda cool
-should have used more different scenes like showing the person driving in action and all

-bad quality or is it filter ?
-sometime it follows the song and sometimes not
-flashes are really strong
-seems kinda cool at some points 'cause of sync
-unnecessary scenes with lip movements at some points

-sync is really good
-appealing 'cause of nice flow even when it's hard to follow what's going on
-overall a fine music video

-really well made
-nice sync
-good scene selection
-intensity matches the song

-storytelling is fine
-scenes were a bit long

-quality ?
-unnecessary scenes with lip movements
-could have been a lot better considering song choice

-i get what video was about but it wans't implemented that well
-could have been better
-hard to get in first watch as it seems random
-end was fine

-story well told
-crossfades didn't fit
-presentation wasn't so good
-the theme didn't fit well with the song

-uneven blackbars ?
-not much sync but also not off sync
-the audio over laugh was clever
-something ommited over the blackbars ?

-storytelling is fine
-nice timing
-nice work with zoom outs but at some point they were unnecessary
-song fits well with the source and theme of the video
-duration of scene was kinda contant while the flow of music varied
-could have improved overall

-not a fan of series but very well made
-amazing timing, sync and flow
-music is used well to cover the theme and story of the character

-nice idea but execution could have been better
-quality varies ?
-overall o.k.

517 Favorite
-scene selection is good
-sync is amazing
-very well made
-one of the best action videos this time

538 Favorite
-really well fit on song
-sets nice mood
-intensity is well matched
-gets the emotions

-it is well fit but not much appealing

-nice scene choice
-technical work is well done
-sets the mood of the video
-fine flow

-quiet appealing due to fine flow and fast pace
-video doesn't seem to have any direction

-well presented
-as said the sync is good but energy doesn't match but it couldn't be helped considering the type of video and combination of source & song

-unnecessary scenes with lip movements
-scene length is quiet long
-pace of the video is slow compared to song
-relation & story could have been well established

-the source works well with the audio
-could have been better
-had flaws in transition and all at someplaces

591 Favorite
-amazing lip sync
-source and audio works pretty well
-timing, scene selection & sync is really good
-near perfection

-not appealing
-hard to follow what's going on
-combo doen't work quiet well
-doesn't set the mood
-too long

-didn't enjoy it much
-pan crop & transitions were not well worked on

-nice parody
-good work making sentimental video out of totally different genre, even if it wasn't the idea behind it
-didn't like it much
-doesn't feel like rewatching it

618 Favorite
-one of the best pro videos this year
-the pace, atmosphere is just amazing
-good rhythm
-very well made
-matches intensity of song
-best experience for those who have seen the source

-amazing sync
-nice action video
-really well made considering combo
-enjoyable 'cause of nice sync & song

656 Favorite
-wonderfully presented
-one of the favorites
-one of the best action video this time
- sets the mood
-intensity is well matches
-good on keeping it short but still would have wanted more

-lot of unnecessary scenes with lip movements
-well presented
-using stage scene with group singing over 'my life' was clever and nice fit

-don't drink and edit

-scene selection is good
-intensity is well matched
-coloring and use of light leaks was good
-colorful video
-very well made

-very well made
-surprisingly good
-good storytelling
-nice pace & intensity

-nice & fine commercial

-matches well as both source and audio are pretty old
-sets the mood

-so not appropriate for even an adult
-overall video is well made but feels kinda gross
-what you made of that grandma from summer wars ?!

-pace of the video is good
-somehow video doesn't feel fitting over the song
-some scenes well fit over the msuci but others don't seem to, maybe 'cause of the source and song used

-music is kindof catchy
-unnecessary scenes with lip movements
-scene lenght is quiet long
-lacks flow

-not smooth flow
-video doesn't seem to fit well to song
-could have been better with good scene selection, flow and sync

-nice timing
-nice sync
-nice transitions
-quiet well made

-enjoyed this
-well done masking gmv on such song

-nice sync
-nice atmosphere
-well made
-smooth transitions

802 Favorite
-one of the favorite videos
-video gets better as we go
-very upbeat
-very well made
-amazing timing & scene choices

-well made
-considering a trailer that long, it didn;t loose me
-second half was quiet enjoyable than first one

-nice msuci video
-good torytelling
-nice flow
-unnecessary crossfades at some points

862 Favorite
-very entertaining
-well made
-nice sync
-one of the best pro videos this year

-fine transitions
-quiet enjoyable
-fine flow
-too long

-pacing was nice
-well made
-kind of a fun video

910 Favorite
-very well made
-amazing lip sync
-timing is nice
-one of the best pro videos this year
-one of my favorites

916 Favorite
-too good
-scenes are very well used
-one of my favorites
-one of the best trailers this time
-felt perfect
-very well made
-excellent timing & sync
-logo quality should have been better

-nice song choice
-rough transitions
-could have been better with proper timing and scene selection

-very well made
-pacing was damn good
-it was a fine entertaining video but not quiet much maybe 'cause it's meant for ones who have seen the source

-unnecessary scenes with lip ,ovements
-well presented
-quality & all was quiet unpleasing
-fine music video
-character & relationship were well introduced

-unnecessary scenes with lip movements
-quiet engaging 'cause of fine scene selection & flow

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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby seasons » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:01 am

Spoiler :
004 - Cut for cut, a lot of effort into this one. Never quite broke through for me, but I'm really not the ideal viewer for this kind of AMV.

017 - I think you achieved your goal here.

029 - Quality editing, I enjoyed my time with this.

035 - My dad loves this film, says it got him through some tough times. But that's a long story. This was well-edited.

044 - Smooth editing. I feel like other people will have a lot more to say about this than I do!

099 - I keep trying to beat the peg game at Cracker Barrel, but I'm still stuck with four pegs at the end so I guess I'm just "eg-no-ra-moose." My point here is take this with a grain of salt: I never really got how these sources connected with each other or what the theme was.

114 - Well-edited, decent lip sync. I love trailer AMVs that pull from unexpected sources, so thanks for this.

138 - I don't follow this at all, but it's got a lovely atmosphere.

162 - A job well done.

167 - Okay, here's a surprise. Solid video, right here. Never played this game, but this is simple to understand and even easier to get caught up in.

168 - Memes? Really?

188 - Convincing, competent, well-edited, this was a good trailer. My fondness for this film might be nudging my opinion here. I'm okay with that, I guess.

201 - I really don't know what to do with this. Good on ya, anyway.

234 - I think this works. Right? God, I didn't know these kind of unironic AMVs were even possible anymore. Lip sync was hit and miss but I found myself just wanting to roll with it anyway.

267 - I think people are going to love this one.

280 - I'll come back to this in a few months when I'm done with this series. Hold me to it, I'm a man of my word.

302 - Yeah, you may want to reconsider the text here, it's good enough with out it. This has me more eager than ever to watch this film. Freeze frame at the end reminded me too much of this:

313 - Good combination, I'll be keeping this one, for sure.

360 - I will probably never watch this again for fun but yeah, this was a good video. And it's worth mentioning how little I was looking forward to this in the opening moments, but how much I was really into it by the end.

380 - Will comment further on this if pressed, I didn't like it. It felt like a mockery of #360's sincerity, but it is Deadpool so...

381 - I think I would have liked this more if the three or four main scenes had been worked together more thoroughly rather than in the piece-wise fashion that they're arranged in. Like, once I felt emotionally invested in one sequence, the video moved on to different characters in a different scene. Why it bothers me here in a way that it doesn't in so many other AMVs, I can't really say. I loved the energy in this. I love the editing, I just think the overall arrangement could have served the final video much better. Again, I can elaborate on this in deeper and hopefully more helpful thought if the editor ever wants me to.

387 - This could be good. Backing off for now to avoid spoilers. Looks fun, anyway.

401 - I've long had a soft spot for Linkin Park and let me tell you, that spot has never been softer than it is right now! are these sources related? How do they reflect the lyrics or the tone of the song? The longer this went on, the more it felt like a riff on Linkin Park videos than the tribute I was anticipating.

412 - Well-edited, maybe the best live action editing so far? The audio cutting out like that at the end is the only problem worth mentioning.

430 - The most upbeat and effortlessly enjoyable video in this thing so far.

433 - Image

452 - Maybe this wasn't really for me, but there's a decent flow at work here that's hard to deny.

455 - God bless you, unknown editor. But the opening scenes felt out of place for me. Maybe I can comment on this further if asked.

467 - I'm intrigued, to say the least!

469 - I feel like we've been down this road before but I still like this one. Hitting that chorus (or whatever that mash-up of sythesized vocal sounds is that sits in the place of the chorus,) gave this the big boost it needed.

479 - I've got no idea what to say about this but I'm glad it exists. Maybe I'll form a real opinion later on? This is definitely an AMV to watch and think about.

494 - While well-edited, this did little to add much depth or intrigue to the source material for me. This flowed well enough and is a good demo of what can be accomplished with straight cuts and extremely limited/subtle use of crossfades. Effective intro scenes and climax.

516 - I laughed, good job.

517 - Some solid editing here. But if there was a bigger story or concept at work here, I was never really able to figure it out. Probably a good action AMV, but how else it distinguishes itself, I'm not sure.

538 - I haven't played this game (see also: almost every video game released after 2010). I really like this video. I don't know exactly what you did here to make me buy into this but it worked.

539 - that canine is springing into action!

542 - I'm out of my depth here, someone else give this AMV a fair shake because I don't know if I can. Who am I to focus group your video?

558 - If you like the movie, you'll probably like this video. Not much else to say about this.

563 - I'm totally flummoxed by this.

567 - Is that a woodpecker I hear at 0:33? Kind of makes up for how the chorus shamelessly rips off Van Halen's "Right Now." Not as offensive at how the opening verses of #517 try to channel an unholy blend of Disturbed and Michael Jackson, though. Oh, there's a video here, right. I wish that the editing would flow a little bit less rigidly, but the abundance of straight cuts kind of makes it stand out and makes me notice it. How's that for contradictory advice? Anyway, this felt simple and honest in all the best ways and I appreciate that.

591 - It's kind of a shame that such perfectly-executed ideas like this will almost never be rewarded simply because the sources are old, not relevant to current tastes and obsessions, and the fact that old trailers weren't crafted to hit all the beats that modern-day viewers crave and expect. There's no ironic juxtapositions for viewers to lap up, they literally won't know what to do with this. One of the best submissions to this contest so far, though.

600 - Forget everything you think know before watching this, it won't help you here.

609 - Obito...Kakashi...symphonic post-grunge...I don't think I can be fair to this video or this editor.

617 - I simply can't form a coherent thought about this video. This is either one of the weirdest things I've ever seen or the tip of the iceberg of a whole genre of editing I have no conception of whatsoever.

618 - Pretty, tasteful, respectful to the source in a way few editors are or will try to be.

653 - Videos like this (or maybe just this one) are destined to get lost in the shuffle of this contest. That's a shame. This is a keeper. Great action editing, maybe it's just the retro vibes and my weakness for that kind of thing but look, if you don't think this is really cool then I just don't know if we can get down or not. This AMV has me getting down to an Incubus song, if you really knew me you'd understand what that meant.

656 - This kind of serious tone is always a hard sell for me, and I never really dig it when the song echoes the theme/story of the series in such a literal manner that doesn't really put any kind of unique spin on it. Our mutual fondness for this series played a big role in getting me through this, and I appreciate your restraint in keeping this AMV as short as it is (trying to flesh this out into the territory of three or four minutes wouldn't have done it any favors). Am I being too hard on this? I hope not. Actually, the more I watch this, the more I like it. The quiet audio level and the subtle visual effects turned a been-there, done-that sort of video into a new experience; build a blanket fort out of couch cushions and pillows, pop a handful of Benadryl and get a taste of the magic.

670 - Oh, the mood of the song definitely echoes the scenes that you're working with here, but break it down verse by verse and I'm not finding too many specific connections to grab onto. Take that with a grain of salt, I'm dead inside!

675 - I haven't yet read anyone's reviews of this, but every single one mentions something about drugs, right?

688 - Good effort, very professional.

690 - Well-edited, that much is for sure. Very cold and somber, probably very true to the story and the characters and might resonate more with fans of this series than someone like me.

725 - People are gonna love this.

727 - I could watch this again and again. And in doing so, I don't think it's going to reveal anything new to me but it's the very definition of a simple pleasure. Like, why not try to stand out and make something different from everyone else?

769 - Oh, I'm so close to finishing this series. I'll come back to this when I'm done, I promise!

773 - Sweet, sincere, simple, not much else to say about this one.

774 - I struggled with this a lot. I understand how pairing such a dark (and at times, dreary and sadistic) anime like this with such a sullen song might seem like a logical choice. Perhaps it is. I found the end result to be oppressively joyless. This is a fine technical effort and I admire the editing, though.

789 - Well-edited, music seemed very fitting. I guess I could say more about this if the editor really, really wanted to hear it, but I'm certain it would be unhelpful.

790 - Well this was nifty.

800 - Stuff like this is what I came here for.

802 - Oh my, I'm not sure you could pick a combination of sources I'd be less interested in than the ones in this video. Suffice it to say that you made a more entertaining video out of them than I could ever even dream of.

806 - You know, I probably ought to watch Samurai Jack sometime. Pretty good trailer!

850 - I haven't seen this movie and haven't read this book since I was like 8 and this got to me something fierce.

862 - This was cute. Maybe that's the least consequential praise I can give it, because I feel it's more than just a cute video, but that much I'm sure of.

869 - I thought I was completely burned out on Pokemon AMVs at this point. I was wrong! Aspect ratio at 3:54 ought to be corrected before release, not that it affected my enjoyment of this, this is just really good and BECAUSE OF THAT it deserves to be fussed over until there's nothing left to change. I love the upbeat vibe of this.

882 - A video that's, like, 50% space tigers shouldn't work with this song but this was pretty decent, well-edited, good fun. The dialogue scenes...yeah, I was okay with these. I approve of this.

916 - "HIDEAKO ANNO"? Okay, this was actually really, really good. I kind of wish I'd just watched it without knowing what sources were in it first (also, I wish I'd never even seen the ST2 trailer in the first place), because I'm just digging how this is working on its own as opposed to how accurately it mirrors the ST2 trailer.

940 - Such a weird mix of modern AMV tropes and old school charm. I like the simplicity of this. Maybe more thoughts will come to me later? Glad I watched this tonight.

978 - An FLCL video that doesn't get the aspect ratio wrong? It's a miracle! I appreciated the flow of this, I wasn't quite sold on how the song was specifically related to what was on the screen, but I liked it. This really hits its stride in the second half and continued to get better and feel cooler and cooler from there. Did I get the point of this? I don't know. Did I like it? Yet bet your ass I did.

984 - Some glaring technical issues in this that really aren't a matter of opinion, you'll hear it in detail from everyone else so I'll just say that I liked the liked the ideas in this would love to see something else from you. Or maybe even a remastered version of this? I'll hold judgment until then.

989 - That intro, whoa. Madoka videos rarely sound this joyful or fun without veering into parody. A worthy entry into the canon.

edit: Added review that slipped through the cracks
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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby Obsidian Zero » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:25 pm

AWA is always super fun, but I especially enjoyed the videos this year. We had a really solid line-up and I know that many of these are going on my favorites list. Reviews are in the google doc below, along with the key for what the colors mean. Feel free to msg me on discord if you have any questions or if you want a more in-depth review. ... sp=sharing
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Re: The Annual AWA 2017 "I <explative> your AMV" Pro Contest Review!

Postby BasharOfTheAges » Wed Oct 11, 2017 6:26 am

Forgot to post I guess...

This was mine:

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