AnimeEvolution 2003 Music Video Contest and Track

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AnimeEvolution 2003 Music Video Contest and Track

Postby Vlad G Pohnert » Mon Mar 10, 2003 9:40 pm

This is an announcment for the second AMV contest I'll be running this year. This one is for AnimeEvolution 2003 which takes place in Vancouver on July 25 - 27, 2003. Basically the contest is structured in the same way as the one for Animethond here in Edmonton, but becasue there is a bigger time slot, I've included the catagory of Parody (trailers). You can get all the details at:

Since both contests are about two weeks apart and the mail in address is the same, I will accept entires into both contests in the same package provided that the submission form for each if filled out and everything is labled properly. Also, there will be for both contests an FTP site set up for uplaoding submission (see the submission rules for details).

Also at AnimeEvolution I have an entire video room to run as a Video Arts Track as well. I'll therefore be showing both DDR Projects, have several panels on AMVs (Let me know if you plan on attending and I'll see about providing some panel time to those who come) and Show all the contest entires including those that do not make the finals (so everyones videos will be shown to an audiance!). Also, I would like to play as many videos as I can...

Does anyone have any objection to thier videos played. Basically I have a capacity portable system with a Netstream 2000 video card for thr track and contest. It plays both Mpeg2 and Mpeg1 videos. I have over 200-300 gigs of videos.


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