Ohayocon 2012 AMV Contest Finalists

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Ohayocon 2012 AMV Contest Finalists

Post by ahinton » Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:14 pm

Here is the official Ohayocon AMV contest finalists list for your viewing pleasure. To guide you as to what you are looking at, the category is shown left aligned with quotation marks with the AMV title and editor shown below the category. Any questions in regards to this list must be forwarded to the following e-mail address:

I will try and answer any questions posed on this forum, but I do encourage you to use the e-mail address above as that is the quickest way to get a hold of me.

D-D-D-Duel Face - Aaron Pigors
Sweet Dreams - WizordOfCeles
Your Too Cute - SeeMai Chan

Ala Ultricis - Nullstate Productions
Dragon Step - Way of the Pride Studios
Nothing To Lose - Freakinerd
Puella Royale - Warlike Swans
Rise Of Pein - Nicole Manzo

Clubbin W/Lupin - PixelBlendind Studios
Coup D'etat - Satoshi Sakura
Deadly Nyan Nyan - Way of the Pride Studios
Epic Rap Battle: Hiten vs Menten - Eric Baker
Happy Happy Joy Joy - Fanaticgeek Films

Dark Interlude - Warlike Swans
First of the Paranoia - Racheal Anne Reinke
Hurricane - Kinda Mayvelle
Mad World - Brad DeMoss
Setting Sail Comming Home - Nicole M Menzo
Snapshot - Ellen Packer

All Along - Valiant Hellfire Productions
Burning Hot First Love - King Brown
Catch Me - Hikari Devonair
Enchanted - SeeMai Chan
Soldiers in Love - Alea Lytle
Their Parting - Galia & Kitty

Fireball - Samurai Jake
Infinity Shine - Jessica Braden
ROLL - StarTrinity009
Rock That Body - Steven Copley
SuperS - Galia & Kitty
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