Connichi 2011 AMV Contest official results

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Connichi 2011 AMV Contest official results

Postby Celes_Whisperwind » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:46 pm

Well, it's a little late as usual, but here goes:

Exclusive Contest:

Jury's Choice Award:

1. Cenit Wingman: Men of Steel
2. JadeCharm Mirror Lady Bitch
3. Mr Maniac Party Hard

Creator's Choice Award:

1. i__3 10 Rules of a Gamer
2. Cenit Wingman: Men of Steel
3. JadeCharm Mirror Lady Bitch

Audience's Choice Award:

1. Mr Maniac Party Hard and i__3 10 Rules of a Gamer (with identical score)
3. Levi07: Just a little fun time (no links available)

Free Contest:

1. Stickygaiden ASTRAL MELODIC
2. Kitty-Galia D-I-S-C-O Starburst
3. Mister Furious Mad World
4. JCD Super Infinity

Congratulations to all of you, well done!

Thanks to everyone who participated and especially those who entered and voted for the exclusive contest. It was great fun. Hope you return next year to let me present even more awesomeness.

If there is any error, please let me know so I can fix it.

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