Green boxes and heavy noise

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Re: Green boxes and heavy noise

Postby JaddziaDax » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:58 am

LivingFlame wrote:
JaddziaDax wrote:or watching them on a dvd player >:[

Now there's a great marketing strategy. =\

yer telling me after 5 tries of buying and returning and exchanging the same dvd just to be able to play it on my dvd player and each one failing... i gave up and just returned the last one and got my money back >:[ I'm going to wait a bit till funi fixes the problem (since we all know geneon isn't going to do it)

The Origonal Head Hunter wrote:
JaddziaDax wrote:actually a lot of the geneon releases (the ones Funi are distributing) and some of the new bandai releases they have started some kind of new encryption that seems to be causing a lot of scrambling when ripping them with virtualdub...

When someone discovers a way around this encryption, I would love to hear it.

Goddamn black lagoon. >:{


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Re: Green boxes and heavy noise

Postby Hareoic » Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:32 am

After actually examining the footage up close, I'm going to conclude that it's not a problem with VirtualDubMod or Avisynth, but just a horribly encrypted disc that not even AnyDVD could save. I dunno what to do about that, though.

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